Rumi once said … “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

I know first hand what if feels like to hit burnout.

I have experienced motherhood burnout, job burnout and creative burnout.

Most recently, I experienced soul burnout, where it kind of all culminated into a bedrock of chaos like the infinity of cords you may find under your office desk or under the dust behind the television.


No clear direction.

But when you put the time in to unravel and clear things away and get things straightened out you see things differently.

A clarity returns.

Sigh. I love that feeling.

I have also experienced that feeling of a river moving in me … I feel that right now.

I feel it because I stepped into a new way of doing things from my soul.

I am saying good-bye to the Abundant Mama Project.

And hello to being fully me. Just me. No brand name. No fancy logos.

Just me, a creative soul alignment coach — Shawn Fink.

And what is moving in me is a brand new body of work to help women like you step into being YOU. To help you take brave yeses in your life to live the life you want. More on that soon.

New content to read and devour. New motivation. New energy. New programs. New ways to gather together.

With this means that over the next few weeks you will see a name change to this site, to my podcast and to my social media accounts. I’ll still BE the Shawn behind The Abundant Mama Project in my heart and soul. And much of my work over these last eight years will be absolutely carrying forward as it’s not going anywhere.

But I am ready to do what I have been telling you to do — to be me, fully. All of me. Not just the mother part of me. I’m ready to step into fully soul alignment.

For today, I want to share with you a bit about what happens when we choose courage over comfort.

You will no longer be slogging through the mud of life. Your steps will no longer feel heavy.

You will feel lighter.

A smile will pass your lips all day long.

You will be swept up in the current of your own bliss and joy.

You will be braver still because suddenly one scary brave yes makes all the others a little less so.

You will find new friends, new people who will gravitate to this new you. The more boundaried you.

But to do this, you must first choose yourself and invest in your own possibilities. How many of us are women with little girls inside of us who had dreams that never came to fruition not because we weren’t capable but because we simply didn’t believe in ourselves or we didn’t have the stamina to keep doing the hard, uncomfortable parts of moving the needle in our life.

Listen to this latest podcast episode here.

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