You finally have it all. The house. The kid(s). The life you dreamed of …

So why does it feel like it’s not enough? And why does it feel so hard to wake up each morning and slog through the to-dos?

I see how much energy you give to everyone around you.

I see how hard you try to get it all just right and perfect.

I see how you show up for everyone else and feel invisible, unappreciated, and lost among the busyness of the world.

And, I know you are tired of holding up the world on your own.

I know you are absolutely exhausted of keeping up with everything — and everyone.

You need to get your joy back.

You need to feel appreciated.

You need FUN back in your life.

And to you LONG to find an ounce of HOPE for the future that is unfolding that is carrying you along like a wave. 

I am Shawn and many call me the Abundant Mama. I am a life and family wellness coach and founder of this community designed to help you step into your ideal self — that woman you are becoming as you tend to your family, home and life of deadlines and to-dos.


My mission as your life and family wellness coach is simple … to ensure that you are thriving so that your family can flourish. 

You are the hub, my dear. The hub of your whole family’s success. 

If you are not thriving, your family will not thrive. 

And there are many steps on the path to your own thriving — and these are the steps that I help you take.

  • You need to be able to thrive DESPITE the daily stressors that come your way.
  • You need to be able to holistically care for yourself in mind, body and spirit — no matter what.
  • You need to have meaning and purpose in your life and contentment WITH your life. 
  • You need to trust that abundance flows where your attention goes and so I want to help you live a positive, joyful life to grow and nourish — for your sake and your family’s.

Dear one — there is so much more to YOU than what you can even imagine. You are filled with potential to shine and light up this world. 

You can work with me in one of two ways: Hire me to be your personal, private coach OR join my self-coaching group program called The Wake Up & Thrive Network.

Not sure which direction to go? Hop on a FREE discovery call with me and let’s chat about it. Book that call here.

It’s time to start to live from a place of abundance … and shine a light on yourself.  Are you ready to choose YOU?

It’s time to focus on who you are right now and what you need to thrive into your own abundance.

It’s frustrating seeing strong women feel they’re not enough, not doing enough, or don’t measure up to impossible standards.

I want to show you how to turn resentment into abundance, anger into strong and calm leadership at home and at work and sadness into joy and awe.  

I want to help you create a plan for yourself that helps you finally know you ARE enough — and believe it, too.



I believe there is a spiritual process unfolding in order to raise yourself as a mother and that you must devote time, passion and effort to this process while you tend to the rest of your life. 

If you are mom who wants to be present and intentional — and have FUN — with your family, while also making time for what brings you alive and makes you feel happy … welcome home.

Around here you are never JUST a mom.

Your motherhood journey is as much about you, your personal growth as a woman and your purpose in this life as is about what’s for dinner and who is taking the kid to the doctor.

When we work together, you will discover holistic solutions you need to thrive as a mother and a woman — solutions that tend to your WHOLE mama self.

Every coaching session, every monthly theme in our membership community and every workshop and webinar I offer is designed to serve as your personal playground to discover the woman you are becoming. We’ll tackle everything from self-love and self-trust to how to plan your day or your month or how to ask for what you need.

Together, we’ll remove the everyday stressors that are keeping you small and exhausted so that you can step up and into your own personal joy. 

Our community of women is a safe place to be yourself, have meaningful conversations, form friendships and get support when you need it most from people who genuinely understand you.




Because ultimately, that’s where you find more magic and zest for life.

We are a sisterhood for moms around the world, a holistic self-care hub and a family wellness support community so you can thrive and your whole family can thrive along with you.

Hello! I’m Shawn …
The Abundant Mama
I am nicknamed the Yoda of Mamas … because I have this uncanny ability to know what you need to hear or do before you even know it.

Here’s a few more things about me you might want to know …


No. 1

I’m a Highly Sensitive Mom, which means when I don’t take good care of myself I am easily overwhelmed and frustrated by noises and clutter. You can find out here if you’re an HSP mom, too!

No. 2

I’m a twin mom of girls. AND when I started this project my girls were just in kindergarten. Now they are tweenagers in middle school. So — send wine. 🙂

No. 3

I have done motherhood in all the ways possible — working full time, stay-at-home and work-from-home. They are all challenging depending on the day or week (or hour). That’s why I feel strongly that we need to support each other and build each other up no matter what — and that kind of village is rare and beautiful when we find it.

No. 4

I love, love, love the ocean, the beach and being near any body of water. When I can’t do that, I am found curled up journaling, creating blissful things with my hands about being an Abundant Mama and probably drinking coffee.

No. 5

Related to No. 4 … I’m a total HOMEBODY. Seriously, you won’t see many stories of me jetsetting off to the Caribbean or Europe, though I’d love to travel abroad at some point. Mainly, I’m at home living a simple life seeking peace and quiet. Slow is the way to go!

No. 6

I am not a therapist. I am not a pediatrician. I am not even certified in any of the dozens of kinds of parenting styles you can find in books and online — most of which won’t do a thing for you if you’re not focused on being the best you that you can be.

No. 7

I am a family wellness coach who specializes in highly sensitive moms and families and have worked with hundreds of women around the world to help them find ease and peace in raising a family, being a modern mother and through the challenges of being human.
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