What is next for you, my dear?

What do you need? 

What is the next chapter of your life going to say?

As mothers, we put our heart and soul into raising our children.

We send them off to school and finally get a chance to take a deep breath.

Once you get past that wild ride of the early years of motherhood you enter a clearing space — a space where you get to finally make time for yourself again.

That is, if you choose to do so.

I believe so strongly in the mother being the sun of her family. When she is shining brightly, her family can thrive and flourish. 

I am here to help you SHINE, to inspire you to be more YOU now that there’s a little space in your life for that.

I am a soul coach that empowers women like you to create happy, thriving families and passionate creative careers. My mission is to help you cut through the chaos and the clutter of life to find your clear path to your own absolute joy.

I coach and mentor you to live a more whole-hearted life with a more resilient mindset so that you — and your family — can thrive and flourish in abundance. You can work with me through my private SoulShine Coaching and group coaching membership community — and I love to create new online learning experiences.

My mission as a soul coach is simple … I am your soul partner in empowering you to thrive and your whole family to flourish.

I believe without a doubt that Your Personal Thriving Plan is the single most effective parenting tool you can ever invest in.

As your soul coach, my mission is to make sure that you are spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically resourced and fit so that you can lead your whole family to greater abundance.

You are the hub, my dear. The hub of your whole family’s success.

If you are not thriving, your family will not thrive.

And, if your family is not thriving, it’s hard for you to thrive, too, right?

And there are many steps on the path to your own thriving — and when we work together I will help you learn how to:

  • Thrive DESPITE the daily stressors that come your way.
  • Wholistically care for yourself in mind, body and spirit — no matter what.
  • Build a STRONG family eco-system that encourages everyone to thrive.
  • Find meaning and purpose and contentment WITH your life.
  • Learn how to trust that abundance flows where your attention goes .
  • Live a positive, joyful life for your sake and your family’s.

You can work with me in one of two ways: Hire me to be your personal, private coach OR join my self-coaching group program called The Wake Up & Thrive Network.

Not sure which direction to go? Hop on a FREE discovery call with me and let’s chat about it. Book that call here.

It’s time to start to start bouncing back stronger than ever — and tap into your unique goldmine of abundance.

there is no greater gift than a family that is thriving together in joy and positivity.

Creating a more peaceful, happy family begins with you — and your ability to practice stick-to-it-ness and actually follow through with the things you say you are going to do.

As the family leader in your home, you are the sun, my dear.

Everything revolves around you.

  • It is your energy that makes or breaks a home.
  • It is your energy that lifts or tears down those you love.
  • It is your energy that builds positivity or negativity in a family.

Your parenting journey is as much about you, your personal growth as a woman and your purpose in this life as is about what’s for dinner and who is taking the kid to the doctor.

When we work together, you will discover wholistic solutions you need to thrive as a mother and a woman — solutions that will help you tend to your WHOLE family’s needs as well.

My coaching and mentoring is a unique blend that infuses the science of flourishing, mindfulness, family wellness and life design. 

Together, we’ll remove the everyday stressors that are keeping you small and exhausted so that you can step up and into your own personal joy. 




Building a thriving family eco-system takes effort. It takes work. A flourishing family doesn’t just unfold naturally. 

There’s a reason you are here. You are searching for support and help in your motherhood journey. Let’s do this together because no mom is an island and it takes a village to raise a family. 

Let this community be your village. 

Hello! I’m Shawn …
A Soul Coach for Women

I am nicknamed the Yoda of Mamas … because I have this uncanny ability to know what you need to hear or do before you even know it.

Here’s a few more things about me you might want to know …


No. 1 -- My Coaching Style

I’ve been described as calming and creative. I am radically honest and soulful. I have been coaching moms around the world for nearly a decade and in that time I have learned the ins and outs of family wellness and what a woman needs to thrive. My coaching and mentoring work is a unique blend of tools, skills and practies that derive from positive psychology, mindfulness, life design coaching and family wellness.


No. 2 -- Call me She/Her

I am a feminist. My coaching work is rooted in feminism and modern progressive ideals. I’m a twin mom of teenage girls and lead whole-heartedly and with a touch of feminine divine. When I started this project my girls were just in kindergarten. They thrived through middle school and are now teenagers going into high school. 


No. 3 -- Be YOU. Do YOU.

After leaving journalism, I experimented with doing motherhood in all the ways possible — working full time, stay-at-home and work-from-home. For me, the best was creating an opportunity for myself to be home with my girls but to still have a path to serve others. Creating this online community was the best thing I ever did for myself and my motherhood journey. My soul coaching will lead you to that heart-centered place you long to be.


No. 4 -- We get messy.

Seriously. My work is not shallow. It is deep. The process of each lesson, assignment and coaching exercise I’ll offer to you is going to be imperfect and messy and perspective-changing. That is the point. Journaling is at the heart and soul of everything I teach. There is a lot of science behind why handwriting and journaling is the best way to learn and implement new ideas. If you haven’t been journaling or if you’d like to journal more, sign up for any of my programs or coaching to bring this practice back to life for you.


No. 5 -- I am Spiritually Open-Minded

I truly embrace ALL religions and spiritual practices. I am a seeker of all things soulful and inspiring. I love rituals. I love spiritual practices. I do not align with any one religion. I honor and respect all religions. I call a lot of my work creative soulscare. From time to time, I host Wild Soulcare Sessions, which infuses practices like journaling, journaling mandala prompts, vision boarding and other types of hands-on creative projects that also soothe your soul and spirit. This work involves open-minded spiritual practices.


No. 6 -- Soulful AND Strategic

I bring a soulful yet strategic vibe to our coaching sessions and to all of my programs. We will always begin with inspiring you to show up with your heart. But we will tap into your own inner wisdom and set goals and intentions for you that cut through the noise of the world — and yourself — to make sure you are on the right path.


No. 7 -- An Empath WITH Boundaries

I am extremely empathetic. I can feel a person’s story in my body. I have strong reactions from the world’s struggles. BUT. I am fully boundaried. And my work is going to help you set firm, loving boundaries that allow you to show up BIGGER and BRAVER and without having to hide from the world. Boundaries shouldn’t become barriers to connection and service. The world needs you and your awesomeness. But helping you become emotionally, spiritually and mentally FIT is my special-sauce. 

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