Ready to Shine?

As your soul coach, I’m here to inspire you to action you if … 

You need a calm, creative guide to help you — and, as a result, your whole family — thrive in joy and well-being.

You need a clear path to follow to shine — but what path and how?

You are ready to get your life under control and to become a warrior of resilience, ease and joy.

We all need a cheerleader to guide us into being our best mama selves.

As the mother in your family, your role is enormous. Not just in all that you do — but in all that you influence.

That can be so overwhelming, right?

That crushing feeling is a sign. A sign that you need someone to help you cut through the noise and the to-dos and really take stock of what matters most.

As a soul coach who specializes in family wellness, mindfulness, positive psychology and strategic life design, my mission is to help you find your inner light and to help you glow brighter in your life so you and your family can thrive in mind, body and spirit.

After nearly a decade of coaching and mentoring women to feel more enough in their lives, I’ve learned a thing or two about what women like you — who are often highly sensitive and empathetic — need in order to experience ease and resilience in a messy, beautiful life.

All of my coaching sessions are designed to empower you to mother yourself and your children with confidence and compassion while also following a wholistic eco-system of wellness.

Building a thriving, loving and nurturing home takes time and patience — and effort.

I am ready to walk the journey right along side you to design a family wellness plan that really helps you and your loved ones flourish, feel more connection and joy and to experience more ease.

That’s where my Shine Coaching Method comes in.

You be you.

I am just going to use my energy and light to help you finally feel enough so you can SHINE. Period.

You were born to shine.

To shine means … to give out a bright light.

To shine means … to glow.

To shine means … to be bright with emotion.

To shine means … to direct light in order to see something in the dark.

Sometimes it takes someone else’s birds-eye view to help you open your eyes on your amazingness and SHINE a light on the parts of yourself and your life that are not working so that you can be the light you want to be in this world.

My SHINE 1:1 coaching method is centered around helping you glow and radiate light in all that you do so you can keep being a warrior in your crazy busy life.

  • First, we’ll get you unstuck so you have some clarity around what you need to do — and why.
  • Then, we’ll develop — together — a clear path of shine-inducing actions that will help you make the transformative changes you want to make in your life.
  • Finally, we’ll deep dive on what’s working and what’s not so you actually see real, vibrant change in your life.

My Shine method is based on these basic concepts:

  1. Shine Your Light. (of course). It’s time to get clear on what you need to shine. Together we’ll discover your inner and outer glow. 
  2. Heart-Centered Focus. We will zero-in on the intentional actions you need to do in order to help you achieve whole family well-being.
  3. Invest in yourself. We will make sure you see your own abundant possibility and feel empowered to go wild with your own potential to live and mother from a place of abundance, enough and deliberate compassion.
  4. Nurture your path. We will create a wellness and parenting plan that works for you and we’ll make sure you stick to what feels good for you so you never feel out of alignment.
  5. Edit, Reflect & Celebrate. I will inspire you to reflect, review and recharge in order to reach your goals and I’ll encourage you to celebrate every big and small success you experience along the way. 

A Little About Me …

Hello! I’m Shawn Fink, a Family Wellness Coach and founder of The Abundant Mama Project that has transformed the lives of thousands of women around the world since 2011.

I am soulful. Spiritual. Intuitive. And I am passionate about helping you feel enough so you and your whole family can be more resilient. My whole-woman/whole-family coaching method infuses mindfulness, evidence-based happiness practices and enoughness strategies.

I’ve been married to my husband Dan for 15 years and I am a mother of twin girls, now 13. I am an avid reader and nature enthusiast. I adore coffee, fresh crisp journals and rising early in the morning to practice deep soulcare. Oh, and I really WAS a cheerleader!

Add me to your Support Team if …

  • You are frustrated by a difficult/challenging child and need help to restore your confidence and inner power.
  • You are desperate for more peace and joy in your family and need accountability to make the changes necessary.
  • You are tired of being tired and ready to get unstuck either at work or in your creative life.
  • Your family life is chaos and you will do anything to create harmony but need to establish new routines and systems.
  • You have a desire to be something more but you’re not sure what and you need support to figure it out.
  • You want non-judgmental help through a transition such as midlife, empty nesting or a life change.
  • You feel lost and unmotivated for your life and you want something more but you aren’t sure what.
  • You have a big dream but it’s scary and you’re hoping to step into your brave but need the extra motivation.
  • You want to be more present, more content in your life and aren’t sure how to do that. 
  • You want to play bigger at work or in your life and you need the confidence to do so.
“Your words continue to touch me and grow me and change me. You’ve just unlocked so much Magic and Abundance in my life, if I ever meet you in person I will just fall At your feet. Honestly, thank you for being such a gentle easy going beautiful vehicle of change and healing and transformation for me, and so many.” — Colleen C., member of the 2015 Abundant Mama class.
A LITTLE LOVE NOTE —> The first time I hired a coach, I instantly felt a huge relief in my body. My shoulders fell away from my ears. Tension of holding it all together, silently, for years … melted away. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have someone to talk to, to hold space for me and my fears and thoughts without judgment. And for that space to be held for me week after week was a total feeling of release. We carry so much inside. Sometimes all you need to get unstuck in your life is to share your story long enough to discover the truth in yourself. I believe in offering you a safe space to help you step into your higher power of confidence, self-love and empowerment. There really isn’t anything else like having someone on your side, cheering for you as you step confidently onto your courageous path of being fully yourself & living your best life. — Shawn
“I have decided to ditch my counselor as I’ve made more progress in coaching work with you in one session than I have in an entire year of counseling.” — Christy S., Abundant Mama, member of The Abundant Mama Shine Council.

Hey Mama Warrior! Grab Your Hot Cuppa …

  • We BEGIN with your path forward that we discovered during our initial coffee date.
  • Once we form our coaching partnership, I’ll send you my SoulShine Coaching Workbook to fill out before we begin our first session so we can hit a magic stride of warrior action instantly.
  • We’ll meet face-to-face online chat room where we’ll also plan out the Shine actions you’ll be taking in between our sessions.
  • Our coaching sessions will be a mix of converastion, challenging life coaching questions and journaling/action taking. Bring a journal to each call for note-taking and reflection.
  • You will have clear, soulful, powerful action steps to take in between our sessions.
  • You’ll be encouraged to respond to weekly accountability reflections with your progress — and to get a big high five for your wins. (Or, some Big Sis pick-me-up encouragement to keep going … )
  • At the end of our time together, we’ll do a deep dive reflection to track your progress, and chart out your powerful next steps.

Ready to Have a Thriving Family? 

  • We’ll work together to discover what you need to experience more joy at home — and to shine more brightly in your life and everyday interactions.
  • We’ll work together to figure out what is not working in your family dynamic and what is blocking you from feeling your most confident and most energized for your future.
  • We’ll work together to create perfect-for- you parenting strategies, tips and ideas to use in the most difficult moments.
  • We’ll give you practical tools to use to assess your own needs on a regular basis as well as to check-in with yourself to keep yourself motivated to making personal transformation.
  • We’ll develop a plan of intentional whole family wellness actions that you can take to move toward that elusive goal we’ve identified for you to master or for your family to experience.
  • And, we’ll design a system that works for you to make time for what is needed so your joy no longer falls victim to bad days or bad moods or low energy.
“Dear Shawn, when I think about how much transformation I’ve undergone over the last 3+ years, it’s pretty incredible. Thank you for guiding and walking with me along the way.” — Carla P.

Reasons to Pick Me As Your Enoughness Coach

I believe the Divine brought us — you and me — together for a reason and She is holding space for us to do amazing things together.
I know what you need because I need it myself.
I am a poet — yes, I am claiming this! — and that means I can see the raw, pure beauty inside of you, even before you can.
I’m a great listener but my sweet spot is in getting you to take action — action that will change the story — or at least the one you have been telling yourself.
I am not a guru. I am a real woman who has only made a million more mistakes than you have and that gives me the perspective I need to show you how to mother yourself and tend to your life more fully.
I have a primal need for silence and that is when all of my higher wisdom surfaces and rises up into the light. That’s when everything becomes clear. I make space for this repeatedly so that the wisdom has space to grow and expand.
I have a gift for asking you the right questions. These might be the hardest questions you’ve encountered but they will shift what needs shifted, moved, tweaked and changed — forcing a clearing for what is next in your life.
I bring a diverse set of tools to the table in my coaching. Mindfulness. Spiritual Guidance. Wellness. Abundance Mindset. And good old life planning, goal setting and time management/productivity strategies.
I do not follow a cookie cutter approach. You are a beautiful, unique human being with unique needs and circumstances. What works for others, may not work for you and maybe that is why you have felt stalled or stuck. So my coaching work is going to set you up as the goddess you already are and that’s where we will begin. With you.
As a multi-passionate soul with a ton of life and coaching experience, I am skilled at helping YOU go deeper — not wider — into any area that is your focus or concern right now. Stuck in the Land of Bitter and Sour? I can snap you right out of that. Ready for a career change? I can help you with that. Struggling with the behavior of your kids or a fiery child (or a partner??) I can help you with that. Starting a Business and need guidance? I can help you with that.

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