It’s YOUR time to SHINE … not fade away.

Ready to find yourself?

Ready to create the life you imagined?

Ready to shine brighter than ever?

Ready to Be You, Finally?

Have you ever felt like you have given every ounce of yourself to others?

To your children?

To your partner?

To your extended family or boss?

As a woman who gets things done, you have likely given your heart and soul to everyone else and everything else.

And your needs, your desires and your dreams have been shelved. 

No one you can’t seem to form any life-giving habits or establish routines. 

Your life is about everyone else.

  • You’ve put all of your energy into your child’s health and well-being, their manners, their education and their interests and passions.
  • You’ve given every part of you to your relationships, your job and your home.
  • You’ve been so supportive of everyone else’s passions and needs.

But time is slipping away, Mama.

And it’s now your turn to create some space around yourself and to start making your dreams a priority.

I help women like you dig out from the rubble of motherhood, shoulds and expectations to find their true selves and go after their deepest desires in life. 

After nearly a decade of coaching and mentoring women on how to be happy and feel more enough in their lives, I now specialize in enoughness coaching to help women like you BE YOU, FINALLY™.

As a Life Design Coach with years of experience my mission is to help you discover your own self-worth and find your light again so you can shine brighter in your life. 

Let me be your cheerleader. 

My SoulShine Coaching Sessions are set up to support you and empower you to BE YOU, FINALLY™ by tuning into your strengths, your passions and gifts so you can show up more fully at work, at home and in your community.

Imagine feeling connected and in tune with your WHOLE self so you can stand out as a more confident woman in all areas of your life.

My SoulShine Coaching Sessions are the permission slip you need to live more boldly, to live with more authenticity and to dream bigger for yourself so you aren’t afraid to take up more space in this world.

We begin our sessions digging you out of the rubble of your life and getting really clear on who you are right now and who you want to be as you head toward your amazing future. And YOU work to make it happen with my support and accountability … 

Ready to shine?

I’m on a mission to help women like you be a bright light in this world.

I’m on a mission to help you glow and radiate in your own unique blend of goodness.

I’m on a mission to help you stand out brightly with passion and fire.

I’m on a mission to help you find your light and stomp out the darkness that may be taking over.

Sometimes it takes someone else’s birds-eye view to help you open your eyes on your amazingness and SHINE a light on the parts of yourself and your life that are not working so that you can be the light you want to be in this world.

That’s Mission #1 in my coaching with you. We will do a total self-worth excavation to help you not only know what makes you unique and amazing but help you see yourself as more than enough.

My coaching method is centered around helping you glow and radiate light in all that you do so you can keep being a warrior in your crazy busy life.

  • First, we’ll dig deep to find your inner worth.
  • Next, we’ll establish clarity and vision around the life you want to live.
  • Then, we’ll work together to get you unstuck and find clarity around what keeps preventing you from thriving and feel amazing.
  • Finally, we’ll create your Thriving Action Plan together so you can plants the seeds and see new growth in the areas of your life that mean the most right now.

    A Little About Me …

    Hello! I’m Shawn Fink, a Life Design Coach & founder of The Abundant Mama Project that has transformed the lives of thousands of women around the world since 2011.

    I am a soulful, spiritual and intuitive coach who is deeply passionate about helping women like you feel more than enough so you can take up more space and live more boldly. My whole-woman coaching approach infuses mindfulness, evidence-based well-being practices and life design strategies.

    I’ve been married to my husband Dan for 16 years and I am a mother of twin girls, now 14. I am an avid reader and nature enthusiast. I adore coffee, fresh crisp journals and rising early in the morning to practice deep soulcare. Oh, and I really WAS a cheerleader!

    Private Coaching is ideal if You …

    • Want to feel more confident,
    • Eager to discover your authentic joy and purpose.
    • Motivated to make big changes and establish new habits and routines for greater health, wealth or well-being.
    • Want to live a more whole-hearted, values-driven life as a leader, mom or business owner.
    • Desperately want to feel like you are enough but aren’t sure where to even begin.
    • Have a deep desire for something more in your life but haven’t quite figured out what that is or how to make it happen. 
    • Are navigating your midlife years, empty nesting or another major life change.
    • Feel lost and unmotivated for life and want something more but aren’t sure what.
    • Have a big dream but are too afraid to take the leap and you need extra motivation and support to do so.
    • Need to learn to set boundaries to make more time and space for your dreams and goals.
    • Want to play bigger at work or in life and need the confidence to do so.
    • Are tired of being stuck and ready to get motivated for a change.
    • Need motivation and inspiration and figure out your next career move.
    “Your words continue to touch me and grow me and change me. You’ve just unlocked so much Magic and Abundance in my life, if I ever meet you in person I will just fall At your feet. Honestly, thank you for being such a gentle easy going beautiful vehicle of change and healing and transformation for me, and so many.” — Colleen C., member of the 2015 Abundant Mama class.

    A LITTLE LOVE NOTE —> The first time I hired a coach, I instantly felt a huge relief in my body. My shoulders fell away from my ears. Tension of holding it all together, silently, for years … melted away. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have someone to talk to, to hold space for me and my fears and thoughts without judgment. And for that space to be held for me week after week was a total feeling of release. We carry so much inside. Sometimes all you need to get unstuck in your life is to share your story long enough to discover the truth in yourself. I believe in offering you a brave space to help you step into your higher power of confidence, self-love and empowerment. There really isn’t anything else like having someone on your side, cheering for you as you step confidently onto your courageous path of being fully yourself & living your best life. — Shawn


    “I have decided to ditch my counselor as I’ve made more progress in coaching work with you in one session than I have in an entire year of counseling.” — Christy S., Abundant Mama, 2019 Shine Council.

    Here’s how coaching with me works …


    • To begin, you’ll receive my Soulshine Coaching Workbook to begin filling out before we even start so we can get to work fast during your first session.
    • We’ll begin by digging you out from the years of family life, shoulds and expectations you’ve been living with and help YOU understand yourself and what you need and want so you can envision your path forward.
    • We’ll plan out your Thriving Life Action Plan detailed with actions you’ll be taking to reach your dream life.
    • Your coaching sessions will include a mix of conversations, life design coaching and action step planning. Bring a journal to each call for note-taking and reflection. You will have clear, soulful, powerful action steps to take in between our sessions.You’ll be encouraged to respond to weekly accountability reflections with your progress — and to get a big high five for your wins. (Or, some Big Sis pick-me-up encouragement to keep going … )
    • At the end of our time together, we’ll do a deep dive reflection to track your progress, CELEBRATE ALL SUCCESS, and chart out your powerful next steps.

    Ready to Step Out of the Shadows & Shine?

    • We’ll work together to discover what brings you joy so you can shine more brightly in your life and everyday interactions.
    • We’ll work together to help YOU understand YOU so well that you will finally know what you need and how to make it happen.
    • We’ll work together to figure out what is not working in your life and what is blocking you from feeling your most confident and most energized for your future.
    • We’ll work together to create perfect-for- you well-being and resilience strategies, tips and ideas to use to prevent setbacks in your personal growth.
    • We’ll work together to create a set of goals and actions steps that create a positive upward spiral in your life that lead to a more abundant life.
    • We’ll give you practical tools to use to assess your own needs on a regular basis as well as to check-in with yourself to keep yourself motivated to making personal transformation.
    • We’ll develop a plan of intentional, strategic actions you can take to move toward that big-picture goal you’ve claimed for yourself.
    “Dear Shawn, when I think about how much transformation I’ve undergone over the last 3+ years, it’s pretty incredible. Thank you for guiding and walking with me along the way.” — Carla P.

    A few things about me … 

    I believe the Divine brought us — you and me — together for a reason and She is holding space for us to do amazing things together.

    I know what you need because I need it myself. I score very high on empathy and understanding human beings. Being human is my thing.

    I am an anti-racist — and that means I serve ALL moms and work for justice, equity and inclusion in everything I do. In fact, it’s a big part of my own faith background. 

    I’m a great listener but my sweet spot is in empowering you to learn to find and listen to your own voice and begin to take action — action that will change your story — or at least the one you have been telling yourself.

    I am a feminist. This means that my coaching work is going to call you out on any signs that you are settling for comfort over creating a fair and equitable home environment or lifestyle. Mothers are totally exhausted and part of our work together is going to be figuring out how to actually change that.

    Most of our work together is going to center on helping you grow your own self-trust and self-advocacy skills. This shows up in how you speak up in this world and at home. This also means discovering how you are going to advocate for yourself because you finally believe you are worth it.

    I have a gift for asking you the right questions. These might be the hardest questions you’ve encountered but they will shift what needs shifted, moved, tweaked and changed — forcing a clearing for what is next in your life.

    I bring a diverse set of tools to my coaching table. Mindfulness. Spiritual Empowerment. Science-based Well-Being Practices. Abundance Mindset. And good old life design coaching, goal setting and time management/productivity strategies. I am also a Brene Brown Dare to Lead™  Trained Professional.

    I do not follow a cookie cutter approach. You are a beautiful, unique human being with unique needs and circumstances and struggles. What works for others, may not work for you and maybe that is why you have felt stalled or stuck. So my coaching work is going to set you up as the goddess you already are and that’s where we will begin. With you.

    As a multi-passionate soul with a ton of life and coaching experience, I am skilled at helping YOU go deeper — or wider — into any area that is your focus or concern right now. Stuck in the Land of Bitter and Sour? I can snap you right out of that. Ready for a career change? I can help you with that. Struggling with the behavior of your kids or a fiery child (or a partner??) I can help you with that. Starting a Business and need guidance? I can help you with that.

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