Dear One … 

I see you. I know your arms & mind have been full of responsibilities. I know you have been overwhelmed by tending to everyone else’s needs and wants. And now, you are ready to reclaim some space in this life for yourself. You are ready to unearth the deeper longings that are inside of you that are crying out for more meaning, more purpose and more joy. As a Life Design Coach I help moms who are ready to rise up and shine again in their career and at home. I am here to guide you, inspire you and help you step into woman you are becoming.

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Digging Out from the Rubble … 

You are a mother. Yes. But you are not just a mother. It is possible to heal and tend to your dreams while being fully present in your life as it is right now. This intersection of being and doing is beautiful once you begin to master it. As a Life Design Coach, I help women just like you dig out from under the rubble of motherhood to find yourself and to get clarity around who you are becoming.

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