“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Last week, I talked about how I never feel like we’re stuck as mothers.

We’re not stuck doing too much. We’re not stuck holding it all together. We’re not stuck with the inconvenience of raising little people.

When you live with an intention of abundance, all of that changes. It doesn’t make your story easier, necessarily, but your heart opens up to the good.

As a Highly Sensitive Mom, I can get pretty caught up in overwhelm. Noise. Information. Drama. Fears. Worries.

And doing, of course. Because I’m motivated and driven. And I like to do.

I like to do, a lot.

So if I end up feeling burned out, overwhelmed, bitter or sour, etc. I really cannot blame anyone but myself. It all falls back on that inner conflict I talked about recently between doing and wanting to do.

By putting EASE at the forefront of my life, I am making a pact with myself.

I don’t have to live like everyone else.

And neither do you.

Extreme stress happens when we’re too busy trying to overdo motherhood.


I can love this life. I can show up and live fully in this life with a smile. I can savor slow.

This life can and should be enjoyable for me — and my family.

One of the biggest Abundance Sticking Points that moms raising in the Abundant Mama Project Program is time. They don’t have enough time.

I get that sticking point. I do. I often struggle with how to manage it all.

But being an Abundant Mama makes it easy. We just don’t have to do motherhood the way everyone else does motherhood.

I don’t have to over-achieve like everyone else. I don’t have to over-schedule my kids. I don’t have to over-do birthday parties and dinner parties and vacations.

I don’t have to overdo motherhood.

Extreme stress happens when we’re too busy trying to overdo motherhood.


As a society, we over-everything now.

We over use our phones. We over shop and over plan. And over decorate. And over clean.

It’s no wonder then that my Highly Sensitive Mama series has been so incredibly popular.

What used to be a natural world with a job and a house and maybe a microwave has become an unnatural world filled with simply. too. much. everything.

Too many websites. Too many blogs. Too many shopping options. Too many news sites. Too many choices of orange juice and tooth paste and yogurt. Too many distractions from this app to that device that you will be able to wear on your wrist — because our children really do need us to be less engaged and more distracted than ever.

Extreme stress happens when we’re too busy trying to overdo motherhood.

Well, what if we just stop being over-achievers?

Can we agree to stop over-doing at least some things? Can we agree to stop over-doing at least some things?

What if we adopt the Less is More family motto? Could we stop expecting our children to over-achieve and focus on embracing a life of play and joy and fun that involves kicking off the shoes and running through the grass barefoot? And we feel so much ease that we join them?

The Secret to Finding EASE isn’t in doing less each day. It’s in not doing MORE.

Embracing a simple life with a easy flow is not going to be just like it used to be in the old days.

You may have to change your perspective of what simple fun and ease is now that you are a busy, overwhelmed and tired mother.

Maybe can start with replacing one bad habit with one good habit.

This week, when you get ready to do anything at all, ask yourself: Am I being an Over-Achiever here? Or, am I embracing EASE?


You Don't Have To Overdo Motherhood

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