You are not alone.

You Don’t Have to Do Motherhood All Alone.

It’s so easy to think that we have to toughen up and go it alone.

But here’s the thing about that.

Humanity has never been a solitary confinement kind of gig.

Go back in time and you’ll see story after story of the women gathering together to support each other, gathering in red tents to menstruate together and tell their stories.

If you are doing it all alone, I want you to reach out for help.

Find a sisterhood. Reclaim your stories together. Empower each other to get real and be real.

Because we’re not meant to do this alone.

And we shouldn’t have to.

And if you don’t have a sisterhood, you are welcome to join my village of mothers around the world where we focus each month on a new important wellness theme. Learn more here. 

Listen to more about this topic on the most recent episode of The Abundant Mama Show podcast now. 

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