Take a second to go back in time.Take your mind back to January 1, 2018.

What did you want for yourself?

What did you want for your life?

Did you make it all happen?

Some of it?

At least one thing?

And did that one thing stick?

My work with women is profound. It’s deep. That’s just who I am … someone who wants to take you deeper far below the surface of the day to day.

And what I know from working with women in that deep space is that there is no “sticking it.”

There is no landing it.

There is no end goal where you will fall upon the earth declaring I’VE ARRIVED, I DID IT, I COMPLETED IT, I AM ENOUGH. I CAN REST NOW.

There is only the messy, brut-iful journey called being mothers and being human with bits of breadcrumbs that remind us where we are heading and the itty bitty promises we make to ourselves along the way.

And on that path are the tiny bits of wisdom we collect, the gems of goodness we learn from as we walk each other home as mothers raising ourselves and our children. 💗

There are the lessons learned in the hard moments, the ah-ha’s we stir up from the pulp of the bittersweet/challenging/wow moments of life that send us to our knees with either tears of laughter or tears of sadness.

We will get knocked down.

We will fail.

We will make mistakes.

But we will make beautiful things as well.

And we will find places and spaces along the way to REST, to feel enough, to love deeply and to care for ourselves.

The Abundant Mama Journey is about the getting up, the staying up, and the being stronger because of it — because we have a beautiful life to live.

And then there is this … the art of making promises to ourselves and not backing out on those promises so that we DO better and FEEL better because the motherhood journey is both long and winding — and short. Very. Very. Short.


As we head into our 6th year of the Abundant Mama Peace Circle in 2019, I am faced with a lot of questions about the future.

Who am I?

How can I care for myself and those I love more deeply?

What am I doing to make the world a better place?

How can I serve MORE moms with the Abundant Mama Way?

And what deeper impact can I make on creating a world that is more peaceful and more compassionate?

I don’t have ALL those answers yet. 🙂

But I do have some insight.

And from that insight I want to make some promises to myself along the way.

Making and keeping a promise to ourselves is not easy work, but it is important work.

And it’s OUR work to do.💗

And, as the Yoda of Mamas, I always seem to know what you need before you need it. It’s part of my gift — my superpower that allows me to do this work for another year.

“How Shawn Fink knows which themes I need when scares the living crap out of me, but she knows it. The woman has some serious celestial connections.” ~ Addy Nagy, longtime member of the Peace Circle.

I am choosing monthly intentions based on the promises I know YOU want to keep in your life so you can be a happy, healthy mama who is more present, more peaceful and more playful than ever.

But along the way, along our journey together, I am sure you will come up with amazing promises you want to keep for yourself as well.

And I promise to hold space for all of it. 💗

** The Peace Circle offers a monthly intention with a downloadable, printable workbook filled with journaling prompts and exercises to do as you unplug and recharge — as well as an insanely supportive group of moms around the world who will serve as your personal cheerleaders in life. It’s that simple. We offer much more but this is the heart and soul of what it means to be a Peace Circle mama making time and space for your Abundant Mama Journey.

** The Year of Promises is going to include more resources and encouragement on HOW to keep those promises as well as to really help you define what promises you need to make to yourself each month.

** New features in 2019 — Members-Only “Themed” Podcasts, AMP Foundations + “What to do When” Videos, Calm Mama Time Outs AND occasional journaling jams.

Want to play along with us for 2019? We’ve opened the doors to the Peace Circle and you are invited to join us HERE. We’re offering all of this for just $30/month with NO long-term commitment.

Maybe the promise you’ll make this year is to reach out and finally get the inspiration & support YOU need. 💗



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