Inside: Coping with the stress of working motherhood and how to manage the stress and busyness of it all.

I remember the day that I went back to work full-time after I had my twin girls. I had taken four months off — longer than many new moms get for sure — and I was exhausted. I still had baby spit up on my work clothes each day from those last minute snuggles.

Dressed in my black suit and heels I walked around town and felt out of place like I didn’t belong.

My body was at work.

But my mind, body and spirit was still very much on my little ones and their well-being. Were they happy and content? Did they miss me?

It took a while for me to learn to be grounded where I was — so when I was home, I felt like I was at home and when I was at work, I could stay focused on work.

But what was something that was the most important for me to master was how to care for myself in between all of that.

It wasn’t easy.

Managing the stress and busyness of working motherhood leaves little time for a woman who really needs to make time for herself and her needs.

And yet that is exactly what a working mom need to do for herself.

But when? How does that happen?

There are so many factors in this load of motherhood and that’s why I’m dedicating this latest podcast episode on The Abundant Mama Show to the working mothers in our community. 

Listen to the podcast below.


Inside this Episode

  • A surreal moment in working motherhood
  • Focusing on your priorities
  • The witching hour
  • Being mindFULL or mindful at work and at home.
  • Finding time for yourself
  • The volunteer juggle and the fear of missing out
  • Being present in the current moment
  • Seeing working motherhood as a gift


Resources mentioned in this Episode

The Abundant Mama Home Study

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