A common pitfall that most moms experience is not having enough time to do all the things she wants to do — and needs to do.

The problem, she thinks, is that there’s just not enough hours in the day to do it all.

And so she plugs along, waiting for the perfect moment of immense clarity to find her where she’s at so so can finally relax and do those important things on her list. Things like exercise, calling a friend, reading a long-awaited book, etc.

But what she doesn’t realize is that making time for ourselves and what we need will never, ever happen until we make changes — and the biggest change of all that we have to make is about putting ourselves FIRST before all the rest.

Why You Must Feel Worthy Enough to Take Time for Yourself

Until we feel worthy enough and entitled to do just that, we’ll continue to look around frantically asking where all our time went.

This is my story now that summer break is here and my girls are home all summer without a single summer camp or a single grandparent to take them for the day or the week.

In this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I am talking about this very mindset change that we need to make if we truly want to care for ourselves.

Listen below.


Inspiration inside this Episode

  • HSP moms and summer season triggers
  • Putting the urgent tasks above the important
  • What happens when we keep putting the important off?
  • Investing in ourselves. You sign up for the gym and suddenly start working out and getting fit. That feels good. If you see progress you keep going.
  • What happens when we feel unsupported or lonely
  • What is the Mama Funk?
  • How to make more time and space for ourselves.


Resources Inside this Episode


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