Your why matters.

Your why matters in each task you do each day.

Your why matters in what you give your energy to each day.

Your why matters in how you show up in the world.

In my work with women around the world learning Abundant Mama Way of living and mothering from a place of abundance, I’ve seen so many women quit and give up.

And it’s not that they aren’t interested, it’s that they are distracted by so many shiny objects, they can’t settle in to their current life long enough to just master things.

This desire to do more, be more and have more is relentless in our society.

And it’s exhausting.

If you struggle with making time for the things you really want to do … write that novel, exercise more, get a promotion .. then you have to reduce ALL the distractions and start addressing your fear of missing out that plagues so many women on a daily basis.

Why You Must Dig Deep to Find Your Why

What Happens if You Don’t Know Your Why

When we float through life without any intention or clear focus, we are aimless in our pursuits. We may have big dreams but we can’t make progress on them because we are so busy with other things that we feel we can’t miss out on.

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a symptom of feeling like you’re not enough or your life is not enough and so you have to keep doing more and more and more to prove your worthiness — or to finally live up to the visions you have in your head of what your life should look like or be like.

Therefore, it’s hard to stop being so busy and focus on what matters vs. what’s urgent.

It’s your desire to be enough — or MORE than enough — that sends you into overdrive in life that leads to always having more to do — and trying to be more than you already are.

So instead of doing the few simple things that are most important, you likely chase all kinds of shiny objects that are really distractions.

The boom of social media influencers and all the cool things they are using, doing and the life of luxury they are living might be impacting your everyday life.

Are you drawn to what other people are doing?

Or are you listening to what is most important for you and focusing on that?

Why You Should Know Your Why

What I love most about my work with women is helping a client finally GET IT that life isn’t about chasing all the rainbows and unicorns of life but rather sinking in to the deeply uncomfortable place of what is.

To do that, though, it really helps to know yourself so you can be your shiny, authentic self.

Knowing your why — your purpose, your essential mission — is one way to reduce the many distractions that will pop up on a daily basis.

When you don’t know your why you may find yourself floating from this to that that allows the world to influence YOU rather than YOU influencing your world.

Why You Must Dig Deep to Find Your Why

How to Dig Deep for Your Why

In my program, SoulShine, one of the first exercises that we do is around focusing on what we value most in life.

And sometimes — without the right questions to help us dig through the rubble of our mind — we think we know our values and we are wrong.

Once you know your why it seems that everything else that does not matter falls to the side and you can finally step into your power as an authentic woman and just focus on what brings you complete joy.

So the first step to figuring out your why is focusing on what brings you energy.

In my SoulShine Program, the first lesson is filled with questions to help you inch a little closer to who you are at your core. Here are three of the questions to help get you started! To get the most impact, write a list for each question and see where your answers take you before you settle on one or two responses.

  • Three musts for me in my life every day include …
  • What gets me up in the morning?
  • The most important influence in my day is …

Knowing your values is the first step to knowing your purpose and mission in life. It’s the baby step to no longer chasing shiny objects all over the place and starting to settle in to what matters most for you so you are using your time to DO what is most important.

And that is how you start living more authentically and abundantly.

INTERESTED IN DIGGING DEEPER FOR YOUR PURPOSE? SoulShine is for any woman who is ready to step into her LIGHT and starting shining more authentically in this world. LEARN MORE HERE.

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