I mentioned recently that a couple weeks ago I encountered some sleep issues that threw my morning routine all kinds of off.

I was frustrated because my obsession with “getting the right amount of sleep” led me to skip most of my early morning routine.

And, as a result, I felt “behind” all day long. And I saw how that negatively impacted my mood, my energy, my productivity — and, worse of all, my ability to be fully present for my family.

Even as I climbed into bed those evenings, I felt scattered and disorganized — and frustrated with myself. Of course, I knew sleep was important. But I also knew that I had gotten plenty — even if I did wake up at 4:10 a.m. The truth is that I go to bed early so I always get plenty of sleep.

Since then, I have made a pact to myself. Even if I don’t sleep well at night, I will wake up early and stick to my morning routine because my health and well-being is important.

If you struggle with choosing to get up early vs. sleeping in, let me tell you why I prefer to wake up early every single day of the year — even on the weekends and vacation.

Why I Wake Early Every Single Day — And what Happens When I Don’t:



As a highly sensitive person, the world — and my family — can feel overwhelming for me at times. The noise. The mess. The needs. I can handle ALL of that like a rockstar only when I’ve taken the time for myself to think and start my day peacefully in quiet. This is a part of my own plan for keeping my highly sensitive nature calm and at ease. When I don’t make time for this solitude at the start of my day, I feel too distracted, overwhelmed (and dare I say grouchy!) by noon.


Mom brain is REAL. And I see it so much more commonly with women who never take any time for themselves. Taking time in the early morning hours — before everyone else wakes up — gives me a head start on organizing my own brain and the day ahead so I’m not caught off guard. This feeling of clarity is so important for my creativity, my productivity and my anxiety. When I don’t make space for clarity in my day, I am less productive and less creative in my work and life.

Emotional Wellness

My morning routine is designed to uplift my own emotional wellness. I have a lot of anxiety. (It runs in the family!) And, I juggle A LOT. Every single thing I do from the minute I wake up to the minute the children wake up is designed to help me have the most emotional balance, positive energy and an attitude of gratitude on my life that I can also model to my girls. When I miss out in order to sleep, this is what suffers the most for sure. When I don’t take care of my emotional wellness in my day, I can easily slip into the Land of Bitter and Sour or even a frustrating bout of the Mama Funk.

These areas of my life are served because of my devotion to making them a part of how my day begins.

It doesn’t matter when we wake up but it does matter HOW.

How we wake up impacts our mood, our productivity and our ability to stay present and grateful for those we love.

Of course, I could tend to these at night before I go to sleep — but that’s what my evening routine is for and that routine serves a whole other set of purposes for my day (I’ll share those with you soon.)

So there you have it. The REAL why behind my crazy obsession of waking up early.

What areas of your life need to make it to the top of the list?

How are you making them happen no matter what?

AND what happens when you don’t?

P.S. Listen to my latest blog post on being a gratitude role model HERE

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