When you imagine a life filled up with space, what do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

For me, right now, it’s not just about the schedule.

It’s about my brain needing freedom and solitude from all the noise and overwhelm that my highly sensitive mom self desperately needs.

It’s about going within and being truly in touch with who I am and what I want and how I want to be happy.

It’s not about listening to others. Or watching how others live. Or trying to keep up with everyone else.

It’s about creating enough spaciousness in my life so that I can finally begin listening to myself.

This is my longing for the world — that more mothers will create enough space to hear themselves and trust themselves to know what is best.

My longing is that women will start creating enough white space in their days, in their to-do lists, in their minds and in their homes for more joy, more laughter, more connection – to self, to family and to the world around them.

This is the Abundant Mama Way.

In this week’s podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m talking about the essentials around this topic of spaciousness. Why we need it. Where we can find it. How to prioritize it. 

Because we all need more space.

To think and dream and be.

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The Importance of Adding White Space into Your Life

Highlights of this Episode

  • What is Spaciousness?
  • Understanding the Important vs. the Urgent
  • The Importance of Creating MORE Space
  • Tackling Urgency Monsters
  • The expectations of perfection
  • Learning to Let Go to find more Space

Resources from this Episode

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