Does this sound familiar?

You hop online to check ONE thing — say grab a link you need for a recipe.

You then see a notification … respond … see something else of interest …

Time goes by …

And you realize you’ve been online too long and log out.

Only to realize you never did what you originally went online to do.


OK, maybe it is just me, I guess. 🙂

The women I work with in my programs and in my family wellness coaching are constantly telling me they are tired.

Tired of being online.

Tired of feeling like they have no control of their time.

Tired of feeling zapped of energy all the time.

So they talk about unplugging. And some do entirely. Some return a week later. Some I never hear from again.

Most, though, are learning to apply the Abundant Mama Way to their online worlds.

After all, the Internet offers a vast and beautiful human experience.

The ideas. The connections. The inspiration. The lessons. The information.

For me, the Internet is home. My people are in communities far, far away from me. And if I unplug, I miss being able to connect with them. In fact, a good friend quit Facebook in November and it’s been hard not having that daily interaction. We do still email.

In this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m sharing how I put my Abundant Mama Way to work in managing my online worlds so that I don’t get to the end of the day feeling zapped — and so that my online time feels nourishing and beautiful — as it should.

I will never unplug … I will always intentionally plug in.

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Highlights in this Episode

  • Managing Your Online Time
  • Mindful Social Media Tips
  • Using an Online Organizer to Intentionally Plug In
  • The benefits of plugging in, rather than unplugging.

Resources Inside this Episode

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