“Playfulness, dear friends, is what manifests love.  Love is not manifested through serious survivability, seriousness, stability.  Love, the essence of love, manifests itself through playfulness.” ― Rene Gaudette

I’ve been coaching women around SAYING YES for years.

Not only do I strongly believe we have to learn to say yes to ourselves, but saying yes to play is a vital tool for connection and love.

  • Yes is often the difference between a regular day and an amazing day.
  • Yes can change a relationship.

So, it’s no wonder that the first lesson in my brand new Playful Mama Camp is about saying yes. But not just any yes.

The question I present first and foremost is this: Why did you say yes to Playful Mama Camp and what were you really saying yes to?

And the responses inside my group coaching program have been amazing and so inspiring that I had to share a few of them here in a post as both a record and a reminder that saying yes to play is never about just playing and always about the connection and light bringing it creates:

💡 “To being less serious, to lowering expectations and being spontaneous. To softening and going with the flow. To stopping the forces that cause me to resist when playful moments are calling. To being the one who can lead my kids away from anxious feelings.”

💡 “To taking life less seriously, being in the moment, being silly.

💡 “To stop overthinking, to stop being so serious and worried all the time, to feel the flow and energy I want to be able to experience more fun, light heartedness, play and creativity and ultimately joy and love and connection.”

💡 To being more open and engaged with my kids, husband and with life in general.

NEED TO FEEL INSPIRED? This month, anyone who joins The Abundant Project Peace Circle receives access to Playful Mama Camp automatically with membership. But the online course is available as a self-study as well.

🤔 Take a moment today to really sit with what it would mean to say yes to play. Take a moment to ask yourself what you would really be saying yes to in that moment of surrender of the to-do list and shoulds.


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