Recently, on a live webinar that I held for our Abundant Mama Peace Circle Mamas, it became clear that the biggest modern day struggle for couples — and families — is how addicted to smart phones adults really are.

Sure, we complain about our children’s use of screens.

But the reality is that screens and devices are truly coming between families — especially between married couples.

The world has changed.

Technology is everywhere and has seeped into all parts of our lives and days. There are no pay phones on every corner. We use them for GPS and paying bills. We use them for research and menu planning. We use them for communicating and entertainment. There is a time and place for all of that in our lives.

Our lives as parents are so noisy and it’s easy at the end of a long day to need and want to retreat into a quiet cave of silence — but often that means zoning out and numbing out on social media, the news, and other binge-worthy addictions that are plaguing our families.

Of course, it’s OK to zone out and relax when we need it.

But in my work with thousands of moms over the years, one thing has been really clear: Social Media is NEVER the answer to feeling more nourished and cared for in their lives.

Highly sensitive moms — which are the moms that I tend to work with in my online and in-person programs — aren’t replenished by social media.

They are zapped by it with lots of feelings of not enough, not good enough, not doing enough.

As introverts who are also really sensitive to noise and overwhelm, it can be easy to use the social media bandaid of Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

But is that what is really needed?

And, more importantly, how is all that zoning out on screens helping your sleep — and your marriage?

This is the BIG topic that I get into on this latest episode of The Abundant Mama Show as I make the case that we must master unplugging to reconnect with the rest of our lives — especially in the evenings.

And, I talk about how our brand new ReKindle Home Study Program is the perfect way to start unplugging and doing the HOME work that you need to reconnect with your partner despite how technology is becoming a mistress to many.

A Lesson in Unplugging in Order to Reconnect with Your Life

Listen below.


Inside this Episode

  • Having a clear intention beyond phones and devices
  • THE conversation you must have
  • Embracing presence — and times when you can’t be
  • Setting the tone for living
  • Modeling what you want to see at home
  • Rekindle Home Study gives you a clear plan to tackle this issue by making time and space for other types of interactions.

Resources Mentioned During this Episode


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