My hands were soapy with dish water as I was washing dishes.

I was stuck in a story that came to me out of no where … a story that I wasn’t good enough as a parent many years ago, that the choices I made contributed to my daughter being so impulsive.

It would have been easy to let myself berate myself for the choices I made.

But that’s now what happened.

Instead, I caught myself. I realized that the story had a much deeper hook that I needed to pay attention.

The truth was that when my twin girls were young — babies and toddlers — I was largely unsupported as a parent. I was lonely. I was overwhelmed. I was sad.

All of that meant that the choices I made early on — which may or may not have impacted my impulsive child — were done out of survival mode.

And I have no apologies for that.

We often don’t even know when we’re in survival mode so trying to climb out is not even a possibility until we see that thriving is achievable.

But I have learned how to avoid survival mode and to live and operate in thriving mode and that’s where I will always stay and it’s what I teach inside my programs and in my private, supportive soulcare coaching.

In this week’s podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m talking about understanding the difference between survival mode and thriving mode — and how to find forgiveness for yourself if you’ve been in survival mode.

I also offer the emotional bank account check-in that I feel is a great way to know where you at in your own mental health and stability.

Listen now.

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