Your journey is just beginning and unfolding.

Let’s see how far we can take you along this Abundant Mama path.

You have taken BIG steps toward being the mother you want to be. You are on your way. You have a vision. A goal.

But, now what?

Maybe you are still feeling frustrated more than you’d like at home and with your kids.

Maybe, like many moms, you want to yell less — or not at all.

Maybe you are still trying to understand who YOU are now that you are a mother and you want to live more authentically and intentionally.

The Abundant Mama Project Peace Circle is a loving, kind and supportive year-long Abundant Mama program to inspire you to keep working on being a peaceful, playful and present mother every single day — not just sometimes. You can opt-out of the program any time.

  • The Peace Circle is your accountability partner.
  • The Peace Circle is your commitment to your own self-care practice.
  • The Peace Circle reminds you to be a peaceful and playful mom — while reminding you to be present in your life and to embrace joy.

Watch and Learn all about the Peace Circle in this 12-minute video below:


Here’s some of what you get in the Peace Circle:

  • Abundant Mama energizing mini-challenges and weekly bliss notes to inspire you to live a grounded, peaceful life.
  • Creative class projects that will get your hands — and family involved in the journey — and transform your home into a more peaceful haven.
  • A 24/7 community of wise and caring Abundant Mama alumni.
  • Access to the amazing Abundant Mama Resource Library (all of our worksheets, eBooks, meditations, eCourses + much, much more!)
  • VIP treatment. As a Peace Circle member you are the first to know about and take part in new offerings happening in The Abundant Mama Project community.
  • Your partner gets a FREE pass to upcoming The Abundant Dads Program, when he is ready and willing.
  • FREE access to every AMP online program session.
  • And much more!


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2015-16 Peace Circle | Be the Light

Our theme for this new year is Be the Light — a mantra and a way of life that gives you permission to seek out a way to bring a positive mindset to your day and family life. It’s not always easy — or possible — but it’s always an option and the Peace Circle is going to help you feel ready to shine and be your best self going forward. Each month for the next year, we’re going to focus our Abundant Mama journeys around one mantra a month — and with that, a challenge. Here’s a sample list of how it will flow (subject to change!)

September — Be the Light (Meditation Challenge)

October — Joy Lives Here (Joy Challenge)

November — Enough (Money Challenge)

December — Slow Down and Pause (Sleep Challenge)

January — Be like a river (A Being Bendy Challenge)

February — Just be kind (A Random Act of Kindness Challenge)

March — Let Go & Release (Releasing Control Challenge)

April — Soften (A Body Love Challenge)

May — Bounce back big (A Connection Challenge)

June — I am Brave (A Fearless Mamas Challenge)

July — Balance is a journey (A REAL unplugged Challenge)

August — Feed your soul (A Passions Project Challenge)

September — TBA

Here’s what Peace Circle members are saying about their experiences:

I’ve realized that I am not the only one constantly trying to be a better mama and a better person. There are lots of likeminded, non-judgmental women out there and being in the Peace Circle helps to keep what I want for myself, and my family, at the forefront of my mind.” — Laura in Japan

I’ve become less judgmental.  Re-started a yoga practice.  Written more poetry.  Smiled more.  Breathed more deeply.  Felt supported.  Made new friends.  Come out of “funks” much more quickly.  Stopped reading the newspaper.  Starting reading more things that inspire me.  Completely uprooted my old negative view on the importance of self-care.  Became a believer in the power of social media.” — Lori in DC

I have been more aware of how I use my time, energy, and temper. I have become more flexible and relaxed, say yes more, and have small fun moments with the kids. I feel supported.” — Rani in CA.

I’ve realized I’m not the only mama who struggles with being peaceful and intentional, and learned not to be so hard on myself in the process.  Gained great insights into staying grateful and seeing the moment for what it is rather than letting my thoughts runaway to deep dark places, therefore allowing me to react more positively.  I’ve made some wonderful new friendships that would otherwise have never been possible. And yes, “letting go” has been a BIG, BIG lesson for me!”
Snow in WA

I wanted to share how all of the work towards being more peaceful is working for me and my family.  Last night my daughter got upset and frustrated over the computer.  She started to yell, but then walked up to her room and put on a read aloud Frozen book.  Nobody asked her to do this, she did it completely on her own.  I watched with a huge smile on my face and realized my hard work to be more calm and peaceful is helping her do the same!” — Teresa Savage in DC

AMP is rubbing off on my kids, too! Lincoln shared his rock creations today with me. The one with the glasses is Mr. Smarty Pants and the other one is Mr. Calm Down. I thought wow the AMP is rubbing off on my kids too. They are like sponges and watch us very closely. Thank you, Shawn Fink. I know my family and I and each mama here is moving in the right direction.” — Bonnie Dani, 2013-14 Abundant Mama

“I don’t think I’ve actually yelled because I was so to that point in weeks now. I was just thinking about that last night and reliving moments of anger in my mind that I was feeling sorry about. I forgave myself, gave my sleeping toddler a kiss, told him I promise to never be scary again and then I let it go. I am so proud of myself for really noticing the changes in my life. This group and your leadership Shawn are beyond awesome. I am so close to really being the person I want to be. I am in awe of the entire experience.” — Gena Moligano, 2013 Abundant Mama

The value of all of this is well over $2,500. But, you’re getting it all for $40/month. That’s the power of community.

Joining this circle is easy. You pay through PayPal and are automatically billed each month. There are no contracts and you can opt-out anytime. Interested but have questions? Just send me an email anytime


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