I will fully admit that despite the fact that I spend a big part of my week showing women how to make more time for themselves — that it’s one of the hardest parts for me to get through to women.

It’s really hard for busy moms to choose to stop and take a break for themselves.

There is a real resistance at play here.

That just goes to show you how hard it is, in fact, to make time for what matters where there is little time to be found.

In my work as a family wellness coach with women around the world, I am constantly amazed by the resistance that comes into play in our everyday lives around taking better care of ourselves.

I deliciously DO make time for myself in way more ways than most — even if it’s not always ALL that I’d like to make time for — but it’s still really hard for me to do as well.

Making time for yourself is something that can — and should be — intentional and deliberate and something that you consider a top priority in motherhood.

For instance, I’d like to make more time for longer walks, longer yoga sessions and doing more creative writing and art. I’d also like to bake more.

But the truth is that I take very good care of myself. I take the time I need when I can … and I communicate my needs to my family when I need my time to breathe and think and just be.

And I follow a few rules as well and I thought I’d share them with you. These are simple ways for me to make sure I’m working in some peace and quiet – and time for doing what makes me happy each day.

5 Surefire Ways to Create More Time for Yourself

5 Surefire Ways to Create More Time for Yourself

Get up early.

Say what you want about forcing yourself to get out of bed early … but it’s worth its weight in gold when you do it. So it’s Rule No. 1. Always for me. Weekends, included. Vacations included. Join my Rise and Shine Challenge here. It’s free.

Go to bed early.

Hence the first rule … and this is also a great time for me to relax and be more attentive to my body. My bedtime includes a gratitude practice, journaling and reading — with the rare TV show to cap it all off.

Walk … the Dog

OK, this is my dog’s rule but it’s working in my favor. This rule is one I cannot break. I walk the dog every afternoon and we take a few walks in different directions so that I’m moving my body, noticing the beauty of the neighborhood and enjoying fresh air.

Ask for quiet time.

I’m not sure if it’s because I am a highly sensitive mom but I must communicate when I’m in need of quiet time … “Mom needs five minutes of quiet” is often all it takes. And five minutes is what I’ll get if that’s what I say. So if you need more, you might want to say that. 🙂

Keep it easy.

Taking are of myself and getting time for myself doesn’t have to be complicated. I am not going to sit around waiting for a chance to escape the house or homework battles or bedtime duty. I work in my favorite ways to enjoy life WHILE doing motherhood at the same time. I call this soulcare in my program. When you know what makes your soul happy, it makes it easy to work into your day!

What are your tips for making time for yourself?

5 Surefire Ways to Create More Time for Yourself

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