There is no doubt that the school year is a very different beast than summer break – or before children start school.

When our children go off to school, there are so many things for THEM to worry about, too many things for US to think about and too many things to keep up with as well as a lot of social conflicts to navigate through all year long.

What does it mean to have a thriving child?

What does a thriving school year look like?

And how does a family thrive in the hectic life of a typical school year?

These are some of the questions I’ll be exploring this week in a new back-to-school blog post series called A Thriving School Year — to help your family prepare for an amazing, fun and stress-less school year.

Yes, I did write the words stress-less.

While I can’t promise absolutely NO stress, I can offer you a lot of inspiration to help you stress less.

The blog post series begins tomorrow and will include the following posts …

  1. Help Your Child Adopt a Thriving Mindset for the School Year
  2. Creating Peaceful Routines for Your Anxious Child’s School Day
  3. How to Handle Homework Battles with Ease
  4. How to Adopt a Stress-Free Zone for Your Family this School Year
  5. A Manifesto for the Mom Whose Children Are Finally All in School

What questions do you have about helping your family experience a thriving school year?

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