Lack of sleep seems like the biggest reason we’re tired in motherhood.

Or just plain doing too much.

But there’s another more invisible reason we’re so exhausted.

It comes down to this … There is all the things we physically do.

And then there’s all the things we think about … doing, planning, scheduling, preparing, organizing.

The thinking part of motherhood is the hardest task we do each day and we often do not even realize how much of that labor is exhausting us.

I totally get this … and I’m prone to doing it myself. I am ONE serious thinking mom.

And, frankly, I love that about myself. I love that I’m thoughtful and plan ahead — after all, a big part of doing motherhood well is being a couple steps ahead of our children.

There are times when too much is just simply too much when it comes to being a thinking mom.

I often see so many of my Abundant Mama clients carry this same weight and are unable to really make change for how they feel joy and connection because they are so busy being held back by worry and stress. No matter how hard they work at being more productive or taking time to relax, they are still exhausted.

That is because of all the invisible work they are doing without even realizing it.

This kind of task is now affectionately called emotional labor.

All that time we put into thinking, planning and preparing for something happening in our lives or our children’s lives.

And, studies show that women carry most — if not all — of the emotional labor weight on their shoulders.

It is moms who often plan out the who, what, when, where and why of the daily lives of our children, vacations, celebrations, special holidays, etc.

This idea of emotional labor is one of the areas we work on in the Abundant Mama Project Online Program — where we focus hard on learning to let go and trust so that we’re not controlling everything around us.

On this week’s podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m sharing some stories and thoughts around this topic of emotional labor. Listen below or subscribe and listen on iTunes or Stitcher.

Thinking Mom? The Real Cause of Your Utter Exhaustion

Highlights of this Episode

  • What is Emotional Labor?
  • Examples of emotional labor
  • The toll of emotional labor
  • Household gender gap of invisible work
  • How to reduce the weight of invisible labor
  • ONE easy tip to release emotional labor

Resources mentioned in this Episode

The Invisible Burden that Leaves Moms Drained

The 7 Days of No Challenge


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