Dear Mamas —

It’s that time again when I’m feeling the pull of the Universe to convene another Abundant Mama Project.

And you are invited to participate.

Thoughts of spring and change are in the air and I can’t help feeling like I’m nesting.

Sitting and waiting on something big to happen.

Change is good.choose kindness over anger

But change can be very difficult.

I still remember those very early days of becoming a mother for the first time.

My babies were my whole life. I couldn’t bear to tear myself away from them. I only wanted to be their mother. I couldn’t think of anything other than them!

And yet that attachment, that responsibility, that overwhelming role took everything I had ever known and turned it upside down.

There were a lot of tears.

There was a lot of loneliness.

There was so much worry.

The truth was I felt very isolated. I had very little help. It was easy to feel sorry for myself.

And I did.

I’ve spent the last seven years figuring out that delicate balance of being needed and being needy. I’ve learned the dance of being a creative woman and being a mother. I learned where to find happiness, how to up my joy and be grateful despite … despite the challenges.

So my passage from womanhood to motherhood?

It was AMAZING. I am proud of who I have become.

And I want you to be proud, too.

That’s why I began The Abundant Mama Project.

We’re in this together. The joys. The challenges. The beauty. The conflict.

It’s all motherhood.

It’s all beautiful.

Please join me for a special Abundant Mama Project this spring focused on the Passage to Motherhood. This 5-week e-course will be ideal for any women YOU know who are new moms, moms going through difficult life changes, or experienced moms who are still trying to balance who they are now with who they were before children.

The three communities of Abundant Mamas I have had the honor to lead over the last several months have taught me one thing.

We’re a community of like-minded mothers seeking out peace and joy each day.

And that’s is something that is really hard to find in our own neighborhoods.

It’s an honor to come together virtually and give that support we need to each other.

The Abundant Mama Village is open.

Join us!

Registrations for Spring 2013 Abundant Mama Project are now open. The 5-week e-course begins on April 1st. And, as a special offer to those of you who sign up for the e-course and village option, you will instantly receive my brand new printable workbook called “6 Ways to a Peaceful Home.” 

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