S P A C E.

I am amazed at the number of women in this world that never CREATE any space in their day for themselves.

All day, doing and doing for others — with others.

And very little time to think, to breathe, to connect with themselves.

Inside my group coaching community, The Abundant Mama Wake Up and Thrive Network we are always focused on the intention of being and doing.

And while many of the women in the community are happy to lead this kind of life a few newer members are struggling with the concept of BEING.

This is my passion in life. I kind of feel like this was what I was put on this earth to teach, to share, to lead a movement around.


Because without BEING in our lives, it is very hard to experience inner and outer peace.

And I’m all about PEACE.

Creating space for being isn’t a practice women in my programs welcome with open arms.

No, they rather go into BEING kicking and screaming.

Oh but once they experience BEING, they become addicted to it because it brings them a whole new level of peace in their lives — a kind of peace, in fact, that they didn’t know they could experience.

So, for me and my work as a coach, it’s about helping women master the “Art of Being and Doing,”  which I feel fully qualified to mentor and coach women into learning how to do for the greater good of their whole lives.

But it does take learning new skills.

The typical really busy, striving woman tries to do it all in a single day. Her to-do list is filled with important, urgent tasks. They often get to the end of their day feeling exhausted and depleted.

They realize they did it all — for everyone else.

They did all the urgent things on their list but nothing at all for themselves.

Who has time for being?


Every single person has time for being.

Maybe not every single day but often.

That’s what I’m talking about on the latest podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Project.

In the show, I mention that I’m coaching a woman right now who has a very busy life and in her mind she saw no way for any time for herself. After just one coaching session, that has changed for her. She has a long way to go … but this S P A C E that I will help her find — maybe out of thin air, it feels — will be essential to her ultimate goal of staying off anxiety medication.

No matter what happens, she’ll be a more peaceful, playful and present mom because of the time she’s making for herself.

—> By the way, I have a couple spaces open in my calendar for coaching. If you are interested, let me know.

Listen to the episode now.


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