Inside: Caring for yourself as a special needs mom is not only hard — it’s essential. This post talks about the struggles of a special needs mom.

Out of all the heavy loads of motherhood, being a special needs mom is one of the hardest, loneliest, and complicated of all.

Day after day.

Week after week.

You are always showing up for your child, advocating for her, encouraging him, and getting to all the appointments and implementing all the action plans.

You keep the paperwork organized. The schedule on track. The special diets and meals prepped and cooked.

Being a mother is a lot of work.

But being a special needs mother is a tremendous weight that brings with it feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, fear and even frustration and anger.

If you’ve had a child with a physical disability, a mental disability or an invisible disability then you know how hard it is to manage the stress and the struggles on a daily basis.

You know how hard it is to find the time for yourself let alone everything else on your list.

This week’s episode on The Abundant Mama Show Podcast — shared below — is in honor of any mom who struggles with an atypical child —  a child with special needs, a child that is highly sensitive, a child that is on the spectrum, a child that is highly spirited or even explosive.

This is a heavy load that can be super hard and draining of all the energy you have in a day and many in my Abundant Mama Group Coaching Program, The Peace Circle, cope every day as special needs mamas.

Their hearts are so big as they advocate every day to help their child navigate this world.

Caring for yourself as a special needs mom — which can sometimes feel leave you feeling like you’ve been through battle and back — is essential for being strong and calm, patient and, of course, energized to keep advocating for your child.

It takes radical self-love and self-care to cope as a mom of special needs children. 

It also takes a village to raise and support a special needs mom.

The Importance of Caring for Yourself as a Special Needs Mom

I recently worked with a small group moms who are dealing with challenging children — boys and girls who need encouragement for coping as special needs children. These are children who need a set routine and predictability and when things don’t go their way they spiral out of control and it’s hard to reign them back in.

This kind of constantly emotionally drained side of motherhood isn’t written about on Mother’s Day cards and in the magazines.

This is the kind of motherhood and special needs parenting stress is something that few moms really want to talk about because it brings so many layers of shame.

Being a special needs mom requires extreme stress management so that you have enough patience, energy and hope to keep caregiving for your child.

That’s why I talk about the importance of saying YES in this podcast episode as well. Yes to ourselves and to what is needed to bring more joy and peace.

Beyond caring for yourself, you need the right support — unconditional support to share your struggles and challenges and encouragement to accept your life and your child with special needs as they are right now without changing anything.

And you need to stick to doing what you know works because coping as a special needs parent is hard enough. You don’t have time to mess with new ideas that just fail over and over.

Listen to this week’s podcast below.

Inside this Episode

  • Raising Special Needs Children
  • The invisible load of worry, fear, frustration
  • How loneliness is a factor for special needs moms
  • Finding ease in sharing your struggle
  • The conversation that isn’t happening in mainstream parenting
  • The impact on marriage of the special needs child

Resources Mentioned inside this Episode

The Abundant Mama Peace Circle

Be a Yes Mama eCourse


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