This week’s intention is Trust.

This is a little word that bounced at me when the time was ripe, years ago.

This concept of trust is a huge part of the Abundant Mama Project program and it’s not something easily grasped in just a few days. It takes months, years even, to really fully embrace trust as a parent, and as a woman.

In honor of this little word that has easily become the best parenting advice I ever took, I created my own list of Trust to read many times.

I am happy to share this list with you this week.

Trust that they know when they are not hungry.
Trust when they are.
Trust that they will eat just fine some day.
Trust that they might not.
Trust that they will sleep when tired.
Trust that they will rise when they are done sleeping.
Trust when they have had a bad dream.
Trust when the blankets aren’t just so.
Trust that they truly cannot go back to sleep.
Trust that they’ve had enough.
Trust when they haven’t.
Trust when their harsh words mean something more.
Trust when their harsh words are just words.
Trust that they love when they hate.
Trust that they hate when they love.
Trust the process for making up.
Trust that they will make up.
Trust that they can work it out on their own.
Trust them.
Trust their hearts.
Trust their strength.
Trust their nice hands.
Trust their mean words.
Trust their friendships.
Trust their bonds to you.
Trust that they do get it.
Trust that they understand.
Trust that they do not understand.
Trust that this too shall pass.
Trust that this too shall escalate to something else.
Trust that there will always be another phase.
Trust when they say no.
Trust when they say uh-uh.
Trust when they giggle.
Trust when they say they can do it.
Trust when they say they need help.
Trust when yes means no.
Trust when no means yes.
Trust when they say they love you.
Trust when they say they hate you.
Trust when they say nothing at all.
Trust when their faces say everything.
Trust when their faces say nothing.
Trust when times get tough.
Trust that times will get tough.
Trust when times turn wonderful.
Trust that they will be wonderful.
Trust that love is enough.
Trust that love isn’t enough.
Trust your heart.
Trust your Yeses.
Trust your Nos.
Trust yourself.
Trust your kids.
Trust that there will be another day to get it right.

How about you? What are you trusting this week? What do you need to trust?

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