The balance of motherhood lies within via Awesomely Awake

For the longest time, there was this perfectly round pink sticker on our family room’s laminate floor.

It was stuck perfectly between our TV stand and our carpet.

Each morning, for the last few weeks, I walked downstairs, turned on the light, tuned up my iPod and practiced yoga — a new ritual for me.

My best friend from high school and I created a little mission to begin a home yoga practice. Nothing fancy. I don’t have time for fancy classes — or frankly, the money. And, more importantly, the classes never fit my crazy working mother schedule.

This home yoga practice is ideal and it was also on my 40 by 40 list!

So back to the pink sticker.

When my yoga podcast suggested I find a focal point for the tree pose, my eyes naturally went to the pink sticker.

I’d balance on one foot, fingers and arms splayed out like tree limbs reaching for the warm sun, gazing at the tiny pink paper that came to represent so much more than a sticker.

I began to look forward to meditating on that pink sticker.

As my feet planted into the floor, the sticker reminded me that despite all my attempts sometimes — I am still and always will be Jadyn and Liana’s mother.

It came to represent those fierce feelings of being pulled in many directions all day and simply just trying to remain balanced.

It also came to symbolize the imperfection and enoughness that I have come to embody. The mere fact that I am not only OK but thrilled to see a pink sticker on my floor is evidence of that.

I loved the idea of the pink sticker being stuck on my floor, maybe forever because it reminded to wake up and realize to let go of old habits, worries that don’t matter and to walk away from the valley of comparisons that seem to run rampant no matter where you hide.

Oh, but how easy it is to just peel it all off and start again. To wake up and realize that we are exactly where we need to be.

And we always have been.

How easy it is to plant our feet strong, standing in one spot — focusing, being present, being aware.

And how much we strive to shed who we are for who we used to be — knowing full well we absolutely could never return to that person because, honestly, how could we dare to go back now?

My focal point, my balance lies within my heart via Awesomely Awake

So I meditated on that pink sticker each morning.

I hoped no one would ever remove what had become another reminder to notice the details of my life.

And then this morning — deep in the tree pose — I noticed it was gone.

But what I also realized is that I didn’t need it. The balance of motherhood lies within.

My focal point, my balance lies within my heart.

I don’t need other people, books, magazines, celebrities — or pink stickers — telling me what is best for me.

Now as my feet plant firmly on the ground each morning, I scan the floor realizing the latest lesson.

I’ve got this.


Photo Credit — Teamaskins

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