Mornings are everything to me.

And creating the perfect morning with my clients is one of my favorite passions in my work because it allows me to use my love of spirituality, personal development and habit formation.

For years I have helped women learn to love mornings.

But now and then I still get a client who says she WANTS to be a morning person but just cannot … maybe due to not getting enough sleep or just really unable to establish a morning routine that works for her.

For me, it all begins with the 5 Pathways to a Perfect Morning Routine … the foundations of a morning routine that are likely to truly get you out of bed and into your day sooner and with a smile on your face.

The 5 Pathways to the Perfect Morning Routine

Purpose — You must actually have a reason for getting out of bed. Without a driving purpose, it can be hard to leave a soft, warm, dark room, especially in the darker days of the year. Find your purpose, and it’s much easier to bring yourself to rise up and out for the day.

Positivity — Focus on a practice that will evoke positive feelings. Many of my clients do their gratitude journaling first thing in the morning. (I do mine at night and focus on other ways to boost my positive energy in the mornings.) Whatever you choose to do in the morning, make sure it fills you with joy first.

Pleasure — Mornings should feel pleasurable not like more shoulds or more work. Center your mornings around only the most pleasurable experiences you can create for yourself. Rather than start with your to-do list, start with a to-want list.

Perspective — Use this quiet time to gather perspective for your day or your life through journaling, meditation or movement that allows for time to zoom out and think about your life from a bigger perspective. The self-awareness work that I offer my clients is powerful work to be done in the mornings as a way to set you up for a day in alignment. 

Presence — Use this time to be fully present for yourself and those you love. Give both eyes to those who walk into the room with you. Drink your coffee with two hands. Put your hand over your heart and breathe in presence for yourself.

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