What does it mean to be an Abundant Mama?

This is a question that I’ve been asked quite a bit.

And now in our NINTH year in community, I can honestly say I know what it means to be an Abundant Mama more than ever.

In fact, I can spot an Abundant Mama just about anywhere.

Society thinks that we should be going and going and going and doing and doing and doing, and doing all of these great things, and trying to keep up with it all and we feel like society is telling us that we need to be perfect, that we’re never doing enough, that we don’t have enough.  

The Abundant Mama way says whoa! No way!  I can’t sustain this, this is not a sustainable lifestyle.  

And so, obviously, there is a big part of slowing down, which I write about in the book, but it’s a big part of teaching yourself.  

Not just to slow down, but to be okay with slowing down.  

To be able to say, you know, I’m not going to get to that today.  

To be content with what is.

I am going to focus on what matters today.  

The Abundant Mama online program transforms our motherhood and life experience by connecting with four, very distinct foundations to work into your everyday life.

This solid foundation is the same for all women who begin their journey as an Abundant Mama.

While we always add on new guideposts and tools, the four pillars are always the place I send women who are feeling out of sorts and in need of a refresher. We always fall back on the four pillars.

In this podcast episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m sharing insight into all FOUR of these pillars, which are taught through a variety of blissful lessons inside The Abundant Mama 30-Day Reset eCourse.

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Highlights from this Episode

  • What is the Online Program?
  • The Importance of Practicing Gratitude AND Abundance
  • The power of NOURISHING ourselves as mothers
  • Lightening up by learning to Let Go & Trust more
  • Finding JOY in being a playful mama

Resources inside this Episode

The Abundant Mama 30 Day Reset eCourse

Read the Praise



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