Imagine for a minute that you get a small window of 10 minutes today to yourself. 

No children. No one else to tend to. Just you and yourself. And some quiet time. 

Maybe it’s after you’ve met your last work deadline or once the kiddo is finally working independently on their school work … whatever the scenario. 

And, let’s just say that you NEED this 10 minutes like air, like water. 

What do you do with it?

In my work as a life design coach for moms, I help all of my clients look at 10 minutes as a GOLDMINE of goodness


We can move mountains in 10 minutes. 

But for the sake of THIS story, let’s just say we’re not trying to move mountains today. 

You are just trying to catch your breath. You are exhausted. You have big dreams and zero energy. You have had not even a minute to yourself all day. 

And now you have 10 minutes. It’s not much but it’s YOURS.

For a lot of really busy women, this 10 minute window might look like this … 

  • Collapse on the couch.
  • Grab phone.
  • Scroll on your phone or iPad. 
  • 10 minutes later you are interrupted by  _____________. 


Goldmine window is over. 

Do you feel better?

My guess — if you are at all like most of my clients — you do not feel better. You feel as if you’ve just wasted your time. You feel frustrated with yourself because you had a window of time to use and you watched how other people were living their life. 

Helping you see 10 minutes as a goldmine is one of the biggest self-care story changes I’ve been helping women make for years. 

The self-care story goes like this … we want more time but we just don’t have enough.

And, it’s true that we have less as mothers.

But it’s not true that we don’t have time for self-care.

If you have 10 minutes, you have a goldmine window of time to use to revive yourself. It’s not much but when used effectively — and often — it’s super powerful.

It’s the work I’ve been teaching and coaching through my membership community and it’s the work I do daily  with my private coaching clients.

Your 10 minutes and my 10 minutes may result in different actions.


The goal is the same. 

We need to walk away from that time feeling better than before. Stronger than before. We need to use that time to wrap ourselves in positive, uplifting energy. 

This requires making choices that you may resist at first. It may require you to make choices that take a little more effort than doing next to nothing. This may require you to finally start believing you are worthy enough to take really good care of yourself. 


P.S. I am in the process of interviewing moms who are interested in exploring what it would feel like to step up and BE YOU — FINALLY. REACH OUT TO ME HERE if you are interested!

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