We all have our definition of self-care.

For many, it’s eating healthier and moving more.

For others, it’s reading or taking a bath.

The definitions may vary but we can all agree that it’s necessary and needed but really hard to find the time for in our busy lives as mothers.

And yet, the truth is that we may have more time than we think.

A large part of the blissful work we do in The Abundant Mama Reset 30-Day Challenge is setting YOU up for success when it comes to your own self-care management. Creating a totally possible system for self-care IS actually quite easy once you start to change how you feel about what self-care should look like. In fact, during the Reset, you will receive MANY refreshing ideas for each of these 6 areas of self-care.

In fact, you may already be DOING self-care throughout your day and not realizing it — likely because it’s not the right kind of self-care.


In this week’s podcast episode, I’m talking about tending to our whole selves and I talk a bit about the 6 Types of Self-Care, a series I just wrapped up over on Facebook Live this week. I’m adding all of those videos below as well for your further information and interest.

Listen to the podcast here:

Tending Your Whole Self with these 6 Types of Self-Care


PHYSICAL SELF-CARE — This is healing and tending to your physical body, which may have been neglected for months or years as you care for others. This includes exercise and movement, eating healthier, drinking water and any other healthy living goals. We focus on these each month in my group coaching program because, again, tending to our WHOLE selves is vital.


SENSORY SELF-CARE — This is the type of self-care the engages all five of your senses and helps you savor the senses. This is super important for highly sensitive moms. And it’s the one that can be the most fun when you are stuck at home with the kids on a long day.


EMOTIONAL SELF-CARE — This is all work that tends to your emotions particularly important when dealing with conflict, temper tantrums — adult and child — and other difficult life situations. My private coaching work is centered around this type of self-care where I show you many ways to mother yourself and become your own best friend. This kind of self-care is absolutely vital but often the most neglected by busy moms.


SPIRITUAL SELF-CARE — This type of self-care is all about finding meaning and purpose and tapping into a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. I thrive and love this kind of self-care and it’s very much the core of my group coaching program. Tending and healing our inner world is often what we need most but many women who do not follow a faith don’t realize how many beautiful rituals they can add in to their day despite that. In fact, my spiritual direction work is especially powerful for the non-religious woman. 🙂 Join me for a FREE dose of Spiritual Self-Care the week of November 11 when I open up my Gratitude is My Superpower Week-Long Workshop. Save your seat now. 


INTELLECTUAL SELF-CARE — This is the kind of self-care that feels productive! 🙂 Woohoo on that for all the over-achievers in the room. But seriously, this is about learning and using your brain for something more than meeting deadlines at work or resolving sibling disputes. This is about finding a passion or learning a skill that feels good. I thrive on good intellectual self-care so I am constantly taking courses to learn new ways of being in this world. I offer an eCourse for you to learn how to start your Abundant Mama Journey right here. Actually, I offer a LOT of eCourses in my membership community as well.


SOCIAL SELF-CARE — This is perhaps the hardest of the 6 for any mom to get, honestly. If you have a BFF that’s great. If you have a group of friends that’s wonderful. But the idea here is to find and maintain some level of connection. As women, we are wired for connection. We need it. We need friends. I have a wonderful community that you are welcome to join to make some new friends. Our village is virtual and always open for YOU. 

Take some time to think about all 6 types of self-care listed here and which one is calling you right now? Make a list of all the ways you can practice that right now.

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