Gratitude isn’t just for the month of November.

It’s actually not very effective when it’s done just once-a-year.

In fact, studies show that the more we focus on the good in our lives through a gratitude practice, the happier we will be.

But it’s not always easy to do — and we can’t always be grateful for everything.

What would it take to shift you out of a place of not enough — and into a space of P L EN T Y?

If you are living in the Land of Bitter and Sour — where resentment and frustration reign — there is an easy way out, and fast.

I’ve been teaching busy, frazzled and stressed-out moms to LEAD from a place of gratitude for nearly a decade.

Because gratitude IS the foundation that leads to being more present, more peaceful and more playful in your life.

It’s hard to mother from a place of abundance if we aren’t happy with where we are, who we are and the life we have right here before us in this very moment.

Gratitude changes everything.

For 7 Days, I’m going to show you how to tap into YOUR inner gratitude glow that you have inside of you — we all have it inside of us. And I will show you how to start a life-long gratitude practice that will stick and will change your life.

During this pop-up workshop, I’m going to share with you how gratitude is MY superpower in being resilient, creative and peaceful in all areas of my life.

And I’m going to show you how it can be YOUR superpower as well!

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