It’s the most amazing time of the year for children …

Until they get bored.

And as the summer draws to a close, it can start to be a long, crazy time filled with chaos and boredom and sibling fights.

If you feel a bit nervous about how you will manage life this summer, you are not alone.

In fact, you might be feeling FEAR.

I know this because when I asked my community for an upcoming struggle, coping with kids home all day all summer was by far the No. 1 response I received.

It was telling.

And, here’s the thing – I completely get it.

My daughters, both leaving elementary school for middle school this year, will be home with me all day long as well. Aside from a couple weeks of camps, they will be wanting to do all the things — while I still have a family wellness coaching business to lead and a house to take care of and other projects.

Life must go on — even in the great unknown of summer.

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Summer brings lack of structure and routine. It brings boredom. It creates more pressures on a mom to be more “on.” It also brings the pressure of children having to go to new places if their parents work and that can create guilt and stress as well.

We can make the most of all of it, though. With a bit of planning and intention — and staying true to the purpose of summer. To break from routine and enjoy life and the beautiful season.

Finding that balance of doing and being, going and home and structure vs. no structure is a challenge.

On this week’s podcast, I’m sharing how I am planning to keep summer INsanity at bay … with some structure, some child-led activities and having THE TALK.

Want to hear what The Talk is all about …

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Highlights of this Episode

  • Fear of Stressful, Unstructured Days
  • Two Types of Schedules & Weekly Planning
  • Weekly Show and Tell
  • Managing Sibling Rivalry
  • Empowering our Kids
  • Making Time for The Summer Talk
  • What is the High Five?
  • Screen Time Balance

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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