Last night, my daughters jumped in the pool with all their clothes on.

Summer is here.

And even though they still have a couple more days of school, the summer chaos of sunscreen and watermelon seeds and wet clothes and towels is here.

And I am ready.

As ready as I will ever be when it comes to dealing with a major change in routine and schedule.

I simply adore the time that we’ll have — long overdue after a long school year. But the lack of routine, lack of order and lack of quiet in our days that we’re used to several months out of the year when school’s in session is often very hard to adjust to and sustain for 11 weeks.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a thing or two — or a million — about how to structure our days that brings peace and sanity and joy — for all of us. Including myself.

Much of what I’m using to prepare for a beautiful summer is all inside my book “Savoring Slow” and the Workbook and Kit that I offer that includes meditations, journaling prompts and a workbook to remember the 12 habits. The book — even though I wrote it — is on my nightstand as a daily reminder of what is most important each day. (Get your copy of the book or the KIT now.)

In this latest Amplify Your Life podcast, I’m talking about coping through summer chaos. I’m discussing how to keep the order for those of us who are highly sensitive. I’m offering ways to slow down and take care of yourself in the chaos. And I’m talking about how to find the “just right” balance of scheduling and wide open spaces in our days.

And I’m doing all this while also remembering that we can have a blast, too. Maybe not a “jump in the pool in all your clothes” kind of blast — but equally as fun and nourishing.

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