Inside: The stress of solo parenting and the toll it can take on a mother and a family.

The long stretches of solo parenting can take a toll on moms with little support system.

I have had many clients in my work as a family wellness coach who have gone 12+ hours of mothering solo and who never heard a peep from another adult in their life.

Twelve full hours of no adult conversation. No one to lean on in times of struggle. And no one to vent to in times of sadness or frustration. No one to share that sweet, adorable moment of a first with …

This is motherhood in the modern world.

Many families have partners who work not just out of the house but out of town or state or even country for long periods of time. This leaves one parent — often the mother — home for long stretches at a time — days, weeks or months.

This is quite a lonely load to carry on top of the already heavy load of motherhood.

In my group coaching program, The Abundant Mama Peace Circle, our tribe of moms are focused on this month’s intention of saying “Yes to Ease.”

These are highly sensitive moms. Working moms. Busy moms. And largely introverted moms. And very strong women.

They are carrying loads that are beyond hard. Grieving lost children. Grieving lost partners. Many are coping with how to care for their child with special needs.

And they are asking what is EASE and how do WE find it?

WE all crave EASE but many of us are better at creating a more complicated life. Instead of being content with our lives as they are, we create more to dos.

The world is filled with so much goodness — except when it’s not — and so we add more and more to our plates.

And it’s exhausting.

WE are exhausted.

This month on The Abundant Mama Show Podcast, I’m tackling three areas that can really contribute to our feelings of DIFFICULTY AND STRUGGLE.

This week I’m talking about solo parenting, which is not the same as single parenting but I do talk about that load as well.

In this modern world, solo parenting is so common that it’s almost something that we have all experienced at one time or another.

The village to help raise our children is just not there anymore. 

That leaves so many moms or dads flying solo and handling it all on their own. In this week’s podcast, I’m talking about the impact solo parenting has on our families and the struggles it has on our emotional well being as mothers — particularly if you are a stay-at-home parent.

When you listen to this episode you’ll learn that the whole idea is to find ease in this journey. Finding ease in solo parenting is a challenge but not impossible.

Listen to this episode now.


Inside this Episode

  • My solo-parenting story with twin infants.
  • Technology is great but it’s only leaving moms — and others — feeling less connected and a part of something REAL.
  • Loneliness of Solo-Parenting
  • If we’re highly sensitive, our children’s crying and tantrums is felt HARD and without backup, that can really wreak havoc on our nervous systems and stress. That leads to yelling. And anger. And the land of bitter and sour.
  • The Varied Stories of Solo Parenting
  • Other struggles — Marriage issues, weekends when we’re all together and it’s crazy chaotic and off routine, when dad’s home everything changes.
  • Life for single moms — the impact of changing schedules, tracking schedules and keeping everything organized — as well as having to do it all on your own. Complicated further if you have a night shift job or have to work long hours.
  • Taking the gentle path in carrying this load of solo parenting.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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