Fear of missing out.

This is the ultimate reason behind much of our stress during the holiday season.

Too many places to go, things to do. Too many gifts that would be perfect and ideal. Too many delicious dishes to make and eat. Too many cookie recipes to try out.

Here in the Abundant Mama Project we believe that in order to live a slow, stress-free holiday season that we need to adopt a “less is more ” mentality. Of course, we guide you through this all year long but it’s especially important right now during the busiest time of the year.

Setting an intention for a slow, stress-free holiday season means coming to terms with the fact that we cannot do it all, make it all, buy it all.

And that is just fine, in fact.

Learning to live within our means — both financially and for the sake of time and energy — means learning to joyfully miss out on many things in order to show up and be all in for those few things we say yes to this season.

In this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Show, my guest Alex Hughes, a life coach for busy women running busy families, offers practical tips to put into play right now to avoid holiday burnout and embrace the merriment of the season.

She starts off telling us about her own story of launching into holiday overdrive as a new mom doing it all and buying it all in order to try and avoid replicating her own dreary childhood holiday memories.

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Before the interview begins, I share my own tips from the Savoring Slow philosophy.

The key for this is to keep the mantra “find the joy” close at hand during every single moment.

“It’s not about how much you do, but it’s about how much of yourself you put into what you do.”


Highlights of this Episode

  • 10 Abundant Ways to enjoy the Holiday Season
  • Intense and Unrealistic Holiday Expectations
  • Childhood Impact on Holiday Productivity
  • How to Slow Down and Enjoy the Holidays
  • Shoulditis and Too Nice Syndrome
  • Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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5 Words for an Abundant Holiday Season

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