All of my Just Be Kind work in this community is sort of an underlying theme.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to your children and your family.

Be kind to the world around you.

Of course, not always easy.

And all of my kindness work is often the most requested from mamas by email. They read it and felt it and often want more of it.

I coach mamas to just be kind because it’s so much more effective than so many other strategies such as distractions that only serve to put a band-aid on the problem for today.

I like to coach women to just be kind to themselves because, well, life is hard enough. Motherhood should be easy.

I like to inspire families to create a wellness plan for themselves that involves kindness because we can’t have a peaceful world if we’re busy yelling in our homes all the time.

To stop yelling we have to take a very different view of raising children.

choose kindness over anger

We can respond with kindness and setting firm limits.

We can respond by treating them the way we want to be treated when we make a mistake or when we’re messing up in life.

With kindness.

We can respond by repeating one — or more — of these 12 Affirmations to Just Be Kind to ourselves to create space between our emotions and our reactions.

carry kindness affirmation

These affirmations are great to use to set your Peaceful Intention each day as I talk about in my Rise & Shine Challenge. Instead of yelling, repeat one of these affirmations instead.

  1. My child is still learning and I will be a model of kindness.
  2. As the adult in this home, I can choose kindness above all else.
  3. Today I will choose Kindness over Anger.
  4. May today be a day of kindness and love and only kindness and love.
  5. Today I will model kindness in every area of my life.
  6. My essence is filled with kindness creating abundance throughout my life.
  7. Today I will manifest kindness and show my child how to do the same.
  8. I will carry nothing but kindness and love in my heart today.
  9. May all of my words be kind and gentle today.
  10. I forgive myself for yesterday and I choose kindness today.
  11. I trust myself to choose to be kind over being right today.
  12. The kinder I am the kinder the world will be around me.

Using these affirmations can be tricky to remember in the heat of the moment. Write them in your journal and repeat one each day a few times over your coffee, especially if you are prone to being angry in your day or yelling a lot. These affirmations only work if you believe them. And they only work if you use them.

And kindness only works if you believe in it.

And kindness only works if you use it.

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