I had this moment the other day while washing the dishes in true Abundant Mama fashion — slow, with music and candles and solitude.

I had this strange feeling of doing exactly what needed doing and feeling amazingly connected to myself and my life.

And then I had a feeling wash over me that I am not where I am supposed to be. Physically. In this house, this neighborhood, this town.

It was more than an epiphany. I’ve had many of those.

It was a calling. A murmur. An energy that rose up in my body and gave me the shivers.

Our intuition speaks when we aren’t so busy ignoring it, or creating so much noise that we can’t hear it.

THIS is what it means to be awake — to be so present and aware of where we are in our space and time that we hear our stories from within.

This is what it means to stop going through the motions and fully inhabit our lives.

So how can you create this kind of truly awake moment for yourself?

  1. Create some white space this weekend.
  2. Find some quiet time for just 15 minutes — maybe the kids can go for a walk or watch some TV in another room.
  3. Turn on a favorite song.
  4. And then get busy with your hands or body and out of your head. A walk with earbuds … washing dishes … folding laundry … zentangles … coloring … gardening.
  5. Be all there.
  6. Don’t think.
  7. Just do.
  8. Listen.
  9. Feel how your feet are grounded into the earth.
  10. Let your heart sing its song.

I know you want to slow down and find some peace and quiet.

And I know that is HARD to even imagine.

You are not alone. I hear this story a lot from mamas who begin their Abundant Mama Journey — but all hope is not lost. It IS possible to carve out some peace and quiet.

——-> YOU just have to know why it’s so important for YOU and you have to trust that it’s OK to ask for what you need.

Happy Weekend!

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