Finding Purpose 

Beyond Motherhood

What makes your Soul Shine, Mama?

What is SoulShine?

Do you ever go through your day and think something is missing?

Do you ever feel like you have a purpose that is waiting to be born from you but you can’t figure out what that purpose is?

Do you ever feel like you’d love more financial — and creative — freedom to do something you love?

Introducing SoulShine, an Abundant Mama Immersion Program to help you dig deep to uncover that elusive purpose that has been nagging at you.

Through 6 self-study weekly audio lessons and worksheets, you will identify three areas of exploration you want to pursue in your life as a woman — beyond motherhood responsibilities.

Each lesson combines journaling, creative activities and life lessons to get your mind spinning with joy and opportunity of what fills you up and makes your SOUL SHINE.

Who is SoulShine for?

SoulShine is for the working mom who wants more freedom to be with her children but doesn’t have the courage to make it happen.

SoulShine is for the stay-at-home mom who longs to have more financial freedom and independence and needs to figure out a plan for when the kids are in school — or out of the house.

SoulShine is for any woman who has been so busy raising children that she’s neglected her own passions in life and she is ready to get back home to herself.

Why SoulShine?

Seven years ago, I was working a high-profile job for a well-known politician.

There was office drama.

There was pressure to be perfect.

There was a lot of doing for others.

And slowly over the course of two years, I saw myself become less confident, less creative and less motivated in my life.

I longed to feel confident again. I longed to be creative. I longed to find my purpose.

So I went to the local coffeeshop every day for one year and I wrote hundreds of pages of notes. I researched. I took online classes. I read blog posts.

Eventually, I started a blog.

The blog became popular. I wrote a book.

Then, I started my program The Abundant Mama Project, where I truly found my purpose and mission in life.

Still. I can’t help but think there’s still something inside of me. And I’m ready to start digging again — to unearth the next dream that lives within me.

SoulShine is going to take those hundreds of pages of notes that I did, all that research and all that clarity that took me a year — and offer it to you in a nice tidy package over six weeks.

Together, we’re going to figure out what makes us shine.

SoulShine is going to help you fill that hole that seems to gnaw at you day after day after day.

How Does SoulShine Work?

SoulShine is a six-week online eCourse designed to be done in weekly one-hour creative soul-care dates you can create for yourself at home, in a local cafe or out in nature.

Each week, you’ll receive … an email with a handful of powerful journal prompt, an audio meditation with a short lesson for the week, a self-discovery journaling exercise and a “Get Moving” assignment to get you out of your head and put some movement into your thought process and dreams.

This LIVE session with three support webinars for all students will begin August 20.


MODULE ONE — Start Where You Are: The first module is all about helping you get grounded and feel centered so that you are immersing yourself in SoulShine with the best of intentions. AND, get to know your why … why you want to know your purpose. You will walk away from this week with a clear set of intentions for this immersion.

MODULE TWO — Be the Light — A lesson in self-care like no other that is designed to help you relax, lighten up so you can do this work from a place of YES. This is the week we’re going to practice making mistakes and taking some creative risks to get our brains ready for the deep exploration ahead. We’ll be keeping our practice light but very effective in feeling connected to ourselves.

MODULE THREE — Deep Dive — We’re going all in this module on who we are, what brings us alive and what lights us up. This week will undoubtedly have you smiling and walking with a skip in your step.

MODULE FOUR — Deep Dive 2 — The first modulewas just tapping the well. Now we’re going to go deeper still and see what floats to the surface. More thought-provoking questions, assignments and lesson for you to sit with and meditate on.

MODULE FIVE — Editing & Processing. We’ll use various tools to help you decipher what lights you up, what feels right and what feels Possible. This is the lesson you need to get clear and start making authentic choices that light you up. During this module, we’’ll help take the overwhelm out of all your brilliant ideas and help you make clear, intentional decisions.

MODULE SIX — Let Your Soul Shine — You will use the power of FOCUS to take what we learned in all the lessns and put it into an actionable plan for the rest of this year so you know exactly what to do to get started on your purpose beyond motherhood. Think clear, fun babysteps — not all-out jumping ship. Practice makes progress. Action, baby. Action.

NEXT SESSION BEGINS SEPTEMBER 2019 —> We encourage you to work at your own pace for each week’s lessons and assignments. Go inward and really use the SoulShine Program to access your purpose beyond motherhood. This includes six audio lessons and weekly PDF materials to print and use to do the SoulShine work. For the 2019 class, your tuition for this program will include 3 support calls and a chance to meet and connect with other members of the class. Registration is $300.

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