Marnie Craycroft was your typical “big city, busy mom.”

“We were out there — doing it all. We were hitting the zoo, the play cafe’s, the symphony for kids — you name it, we did it.”

Her desire to keep up with it all was exhausting.

And so they bought six acres of land and left the big city life behind.

“After three years, I can say we’re definitely living slower but not without some pains.”

In this episode, I speak with Marnie Craycroft, author of the child development blog Carrots are Orange and the host of the podcast Distilled Parenting about really good and somewhat harder moments of slow mothering.

She and I spend most of the call talking about her story of going from busy, overwhelmed mom to literally moving 30 miles away and in the country where she can raise her three sons as slowly as possibly.

Slow Mothering

Her story on how to embrace slow mothering is pretty impressive and she shares tips on being isolated, living slowly and still remaining connected in this world.

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Inside this Episode

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