Easy back-to-school teacher gifts

It can be very easy to get caught up in teacher gifts during the school year.

And most people probably do not give a gift on the first day.

But, when my girls started Kindergarten two years ago, I had just discovered Pinterest. And, well, you know how that goes.

Back then, Pinterest was a little smaller. But I still see the same really great ideas popping up every so often — the ones that went viral.

This is not one of those, sadly.

This is the easiest back-to-school teacher gift you can make.

back to school image

Here’s what you need:

:: Plain Take-out Boxes from the craft store

:: Paper and glue

:: Fortune cookies from the grocery store

Create a label that says, “I’m so lucky you are my teacher.” You can have your child write it. You can write it. Or you can print it on the computer, which is what I did. You can print and take my image above. I only used the text part of the image. I’m a novice at these things.

Then add your label with rubber cement (be sure to put the cement on the box and the back of the paper for best results.)

Finally, just fill with fortune cookies.

lucky you are my teacher

This year, we’re going to tuck in a handwritten quote among the cookies as well. I found that inspiration on Imagination Soup, which is a great blog to follow for school age inspiration.

As an intentional parent who coaches you to be intentional, I want to start sharing more of the behind-the-scenes aspects of our lives. Raising kind kids is our No. 1 goal. Raising thoughtful kids is about modeling. I want my girls to understand that they are lucky to have their teachers. And by helping me create these tiny gifts they are learning to appreciate people a little more. This is not an extravagant gift. There’s no gift card tucked inside. It’s just a gift from the heart to bring a smile to their teachers’ faces on the first day of school.

How are you modeling thoughtfulness for your child? Do you do a back-to-school gift?

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