We all have this insatiable curiosity.

Most of the women who go through the Abundant Mama Project fully admit that they are trying to keep up with everything and do everything.

They are afraid to miss out.

But keeping up can cause a serious case of information overload.

In this latest Abundant Mama podcast, I’m giving you a good solution for information overload — and for nurturing yourself, too. A good old dose of slow reading.

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What’s slow reading?

As a family wellness coach, I know firsthand how modern mothers struggle greatly with keeping up AND with information overload.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who fully admit that they desperately want to feel apart of this world and as a result they take in way more information than they are able to process or do anything with. And in my alumni community we are always talking about how to reduce our distractions, make wise choices and do what FEELS right in this land of information.

And while all of our strategies help me deal with the fear of missing out and not keeping up with the world, I discovered a simple strategy on reducing digital overwhelm that also can serve as a beautiful self-care practice, too.


In other words, when we make an intentional decision to do something slowly that is also nourishing, we’re filling ourselves up, too. And that is super powerful.

Information overload can cause you to feel more tired and overwhelmed than even parenting on a rough day. Consider all that information that is entering your brain like crowding a closet with too many things — more than it can handle.

All this information intake that we do all day is creating a whirlwind of indecision and indifference. Books. Magazines. Social Media. Blog posts. Billboards. Newspapers. When is enough enough?

Well, I recently found what works for me.

Want to know more about slow reading and reducing information overwhelm?

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Resources Inside this Episode:

The Awakened Family by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Girl’s Weekend by Cara Achterberg

Positive Parenting by Becky Eanes

Savoring Slow by Shawn Fink

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