Last week, I asked all those lovely Abundant Mamas in the Abundant Mama Project to write themselves a love letter.

This was a self-love challenge, of sorts.

You know, declaring how awesome and amazing they are.

And you know what they wrote?

Not much.

The group went silent. It was the loudest quiet you’ve ever heard.

They didn’t know what to write. Women are often so busy loving everyone else that they can’t fathom the idea of spending a bit of time loving themselves.

So, I decided to write a love letter for them and I’m now sharing it with you, too — because maybe you need to hear the message also.
Here is is:

Dear Mamas —

It’s not easy loving yourself.

Not with all the flaws that stand out like that stain on the carpet or the toys in the hall.

Not when failures seem to pop out like Jack-in-the-Boxes.

It’s no one’s fault. It’s just the way things are.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t love yourselves anyway.

And, if you have a child, you know how fiercely you want her to love herself.

And how you want your son to grow up with an air of confidence that is bold and beautiful — and yet kind and gentle.

But, where will they learn these things if not from you?

They can learn so much from you if you just believe it.

Like how to talk about how beautiful you feel and what real beauty looks like (and it doesn’t look like what we see in magazines).

And how to walk with a bounce in your step not because of beauty on the outside but because of that inner light that just glows from your every gift of love that pours from your very being.

And how to love fiercely and stand strong in all kinds of difficult moments.

And how to rise above the fray and always offer a kind touch, a gentle word, or an “I get it” look that means so much.

The truth is, though, they will love you anyway.

amp image

They love you because you’re patient.

They love you because you are smart and always know the answers.

They love you because you let them lead the way sometimes.

They love you because of how you make the whole house smell great with a home-cooked dinner.

They love you because you are always on time.

They love you because you are always there, no matter what.

They love you because you get really excited over the little things.

They love you because you are a great reader — at least to them.

They love you because you know how to keep things in order, running on time.

They love you because you laugh at their jokes — and sometimes crack your own.

They love you because you have the best laugh. They love to watch you laugh.

They love you because you follow your bliss and go out for a run or hide away and write or spend half the day making cookies.

They love you because you are real and you cry.

They love you because you have strength and bravery beyond what they can comprehend.

They love you because you have great ideas — and you listen to theirs.

You see, it’s not about being perfect like a picture in a magazine. You were perfect the day you brought your babies home — no matter how they came into your life. And you still are right now.

So go ahead. Love yourself fiercely. Love your strength. Love your wit. Love your passion. Love your creativity. Love your kind heart. Love your proud and perfectly imperfect self.

I challenge you to start seeing yourself through the eyes of love. Start noticing the beauty and the light that shines within regardless of what happens on the outside.

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