Last night, I took a long walk at dusk.

The sky was lit up with sunlight of the lowering sun. There was a vibrant breeze — which had been a bit more brisk earlier in the day.

And as I walked, I had no goal. No real destination.

I just wanted to walk and see the beauty of the world as it gets closer to dark.

Sometimes, though, walking feels like heavy, SHOULD work. I should do it so I will do it begrudgingly.

You ever feel that way?

Other kinds of “self-care” can feel that same pressure, too. We’ll end up checking them off our lists but feeling no less energized or calm or restored.

Well, here’s the thing — that’s not self-care.

The kind of care you need is likely not the kind of care you are giving yourself.

In my work as a coach, I toss around the world soulcare a lot in place of self-care.

In fact, for me self-care is work — body work. The exercise. Yoga. Anything that makes my body feel stronger and more vibrant — or calm.

But soulcare is the nurturing care of my inner me.

Our inner selves need care as well.

Soulcare really is all about caring for the soul. For this I’m talking about journaling, visioning work, creative work, writing and restorative and calming practices — and guided meditation — the soft, uplifting type. This is the foundation of the life coaching exercises and lessons I offer my clients inside The Abundant Mama Project Home Study and group coaching.

And this can be a gratitude practice as well.

If it uplifts your spirit. If it energizes you. If it gives you hope. Then it’s likely soulcare.

And if that has been missing, perhaps that’s why you feel so stressed and overwhelmed.

Once you’ve experienced true soulcare — like a slow walk without any goals to “achieve” — you feel filled up and this allows for more gratefulness and abundance. You return to your life with new eyes.

When soulcare is missing for women, they tend to feel one or more of the following: lonely, bitter, resentful, angry, impatient, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and exhausted.

Soulcare UPLIFTS the spirits to help you power through the hard days — and in motherhood they are often hard.

Soulcare doesn’t feel like work but it’s the exact work you need to spend your time doing — rather than organizing and decluttering and cleaning all day.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. And it doesn’t have to take an hour away from your children.

It just heals you — from the inside out. As moms — especially highly sensitive moms — we need that kind of healing.

In fact …

Maybe the reason you don’t make time for self-care is because you are too busy making it feel hard … like work.
Maybe the reason you don’t make time for self-care is because you are choosing all the wrong activities.
MAYBE the reason you are aren’t making time for yourself is because you are so tired and so exhausted and the last thing you want or need is MORE work to do.
Maybe. 😍

Putting HEALING and CALMING soulcare into your day WILL energize you and sustain you in ways that many other practices will not.

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