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Encouraging women to take control of their own self-care in a way that feels good is my life’s mission.

So many moms feel like self-care is a pipe dream for when the kids are finally out on their own.

They simply don’t have the time or the resources and support to take time away.

But so much of that story is in relying on others to create our reality. I’ve been teaching women how to make the most of their self-care by starting to change what self-care really means to them.

And the truth of the matter is this: Moms need time for themselves, they need space for themselves. They need to feel nourished and filled up so they can remain calm and strong for their family and for work.

When we do not have time for ourselves, it can lead to a serious outcome that results in living in The Land of Bitter and Sour.

True self-care — especially for many of my clients who are highly sensitive — is something that is attainable to any woman at any moment.

But now and then, when we can make extra time for it, I love to create a home self-care retreat for myself and it’s something that I encourage our members of The Abundant Mama Wake Up & Thrive Network to do. In fact, we offer our members a a ton of resources to include in a self-care retreat, including an eBook called Self-Care Retreat Playbook for Busy Moms that walks you through all the elements you can put into your retreat.

But for many women, just the idea of creating a special time for themselves feels out of reach and selfish, so I wanted to share a few ways to prepare for such a time and space for yourself.

The truth is that knowing you can do something this blissful for yourself on your own schedule is truly empowering.

Here are some bits of wisdom to hold your own self-care retreat:

STAY HOME: If you can find someone to take your child/children for a block of time so you can stay home for your retreat that can feel really spacious and wonderful. Being at home with the intention of caring just for yourself can be an empowering way to shift your self-care regimen.

GETAWAY — For some, it’s easier and more fun to find a place to go to for your retreat and so you could book a hotel room or an Air BnB for a night — or, do my favorite thing, and just go to a park with a few blankets for a couple of hours. This may require additional planning and resources so keep it simple so you are more likely to make it happen.

ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS: No matter where you end up doing your retreat, you will need to eliminate all distractions and insist that your retreat time be about you and only you. I tell our community members in the Abundant Mama Wake Up and Thrive Network all the time that the world is filled with noise and it’s your mission to your own well-being to learn to cut out that noise and focus on yourself and your needs. This may mean turning your phone on airplane mode, closing the door to keep yourself focused on your soulcare work and promising yourself this time for yourself and nothing else. If you are new to this, start with just 60 minutes or less to get used to not picking up your phone to check on things.

HAVE A PLAN — One of the best ways to reduce distractions is to make sure you have a very clear plan of what you will do on your self-care retreat so that you aren’t in planning mode during your retreat. Go into your blissful time with a written plan and schedule and stick to it no matter what so you aren’t wasting your time searching or seeking. I love to keep my plans very personal and simple with a flow of both being and doing. Pick up a copy of A Woman’s Retreat Book by Jen Louden to get some ideas to use in your retreat.

BE PREPARED — Additionally, gather all of your supplies and have them ready in a bag to take with you or in a basket in your room of choice at home. You want to be ready to get to work on your soulcare and not searching around for materials. Have fun collecting your supplies the night before your retreat. Put on some music even to make that part more fun.

SET YOUR INTENTION — Make sure you go into your self-care retreat with an intention that you can keep to yourself. Keep it simple and doable for you so that you can feel as if you have truly mastered your intention by the end of your retreat. Write your intention down on a piece of paper to keep you focused and grounded during your retreat.

If you do a retreat for yourself, I’d love to hear about it!

If you need ideas or support — or a community to share your blissful retreat ideas with — please join us inside The Abundant Mama Wake Up and Thrive Network. The door is open for any mama who needs a community of support and inspiration to care for herself and her family better. 


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