The locusts are singing their songs outside all day. I imagine them winding up like tops as they grow louder and louder, and then fizzle away.

This is the chaos of summer ending.

Noticing. Paying attention.

And feeling more space and clarity as children go back to school, routines become more predictable and life becomes more clear.

As with all approaching new seasons, I’m feeling like it’s a new year and I’m treating it as such. Setting goals. Cleaning up my Abundant Mama spaces, including my office. Decluttering. Doing proper planning of my days.

The lax days of summer are done. We are in a season of busy, which means I’m Savoring Slow as much as humanly possible.

While I love a slow life, I admit that I also love a full life that feels really rich and abundantly joyful and this new season usually brings out both of these things in our family.

The slowing down and going inward that the cooler weather provides and the rituals and traditions of school life and fun activities. Snuggling under blankets with my partner and watching movies or sitting under the stars. Holding hands as we hike and the kids run ahead to explore.

It’s a blissful time — if we allow it.

And I’m grateful for that.

Seasons of Motherhood and What I'm Loving Right Now


In this latest episode, I’m going personal about the seasons of motherhood and what I’m loving right now. I give you lots to think about in this new season of life, weather and family changes.

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