A friend of mine sounded pretty flustered when she said, “I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

“How do you handle screens at your house?”

I didn’t go into my long list of blog posts I’ve written on this topic like unplugging as a family and why it’s essential, and how to know if your family needs a digital detox or even how to make sure your children are, indeed living a full life beyond screens.

Instead, I told her that I do strongly believe in moderation with limits.

And then I told her that I wish I had gone as far as to lead a screen-free parenting life for our family.

And that means we play a big role in helping our daughters learn how to regulate not only their use of screens but their consumption of products ON their screens.

Turns out, I’m right and I’m doing my “told you so” dance.

In my latest Abundant Mama Show Podcast I’m talking with the husband-wife duo behind Screen-Free Parenting, a counterculture website for parents who are trying to raise young kids with very little — if any — screens.

What I love about this podcast is that they provide scientific evidence for why young children should have very little access to screens and why introducing it at age-appropriate levels is essential.

We can argue all day about how much is too much or what children should have access to once they are online.

But the proof in this podcast is that going completely screen-free might be better — for your family and your kids.

Highlights in this Show

  • What exactly do they mean by screen-free parenting?
  • How are families impacted more now than ever by screens?
  • Are screens addicting — or as addicting as heroin as one viral internet post claims.
  • Power struggles … and what they mean in a family.
  • How do we introduce screens and when — and what’s the best way to moderate their use?
  • Is screen-free parenting EASIER? Or not?
  • How do we as parents model screen behaviors and use?

Is Screen-Free Parenting Easier (and does it even matter?)


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