In the past few months, I have never been busier and never been slower.

It seems odd to share that huge dichotomy of my life with the public, but it’s true.

I have mastered extremely busy.

The busier I get, the more I have learned to find pockets of extreme slow, the more I have figured out how to set boundaries and the wiser I’ve become at saying no, not today.

What I have learned, truthfully, is how to master stillness and rest when I need it most.

I know how to be the calm I need when life becomes pure chaos.

I have never met more resistance from mothers than when I suggest they take time to just do nothing and rest for a few minutes each day, which is one of the lessons in The Abundant Mama Home Study Program.

The idea of NOT doing in motherhood is scary.

The idea of letting things go UNDONE is scary.

The idea of facing ourselves in a moment of solitude is scary.

The idea of releasing our inner serious person is scary.

All of this is why meditation is not only hard to sit down and do but also hard to sit through.

Too many thoughts, ideas and things to do crowd our brain.

Thinking and doing is so natural and normal to us that we don’t really know how to be without thinking and doing.

And yet, really, that’s what we long for in life, isn’t it? More time to just be?

So if that’s what we long for, why aren’t we making more time for it? Why aren’t we choosing to do more of that even when we know we have the time?

Such as: Instead of spending 15 minutes on Facebook, maybe I’ll just sit down and relax in the quiet.

Doing nothing through our days truly is the key to feeling less crazy busy. Even just taking a five-minute break each day can really turn around your feelings of overwhelm.

It’s a mind game, really.

In fact, the answer to slowing down really is more in our control than we think.

To prepare to slow down, we often gear up, declutter and clean. We nest. And plan. And create. We call people. And buy things.

We make ourselves crazy, in other words.

Think of the last time you planned a nice, relaxing vacation? Not so relaxing to get ready for, right? Not so relaxing to pack and unpack, right?

In my book, Savoring Slow, I talk about the art of getting YOURSELF ready to slow down and being mentally prepared for a slower pace. Because the truth is that my method of slowing down and savoring your life isn’t about dropping everything and doing nothing.

In fact, your life really isn’t going to be that much slower, but the book helps you change your perception of your crazy, busy life so it FEELS more slow.

I believe that before anyone can move forward with a plan of action for a slower family life, you must first get your mind, body and soul ready for a different way of thinking — one that leaves more room for your own self-care and family needs.


Mothers are the backbone of our homes. We must be grounded and centered in what we envision before we can move on to share this with the rest of the family.

Last month, I began to share invitations straight from my book Savoring Slow on my Facebook page. I have loved the idea so much that I’ve decided to create them each week as a blog post. The book goes into much more detail and has many more invitations than I will share here on the blog.


This week’s Savoring Slow Invitation is to encourage yourself to look at where in your life you need to slow down, pull back and start to ready yourself for a slower pace. 

So often we know that our busy lives are out of control and we don’t know where to begin.

Well, it always begins with us.

Our expectations and intentions and working on our own fear of missing out and how that may be being passed down to our children, who often just want to play and have fun rather than go, go, go.

For this week, invite yourself into a conversation of what it would mean for you to slow down and have more time for yourself or as a family.

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