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Is it your nemesis?

It can certainly be the hardest part of the day for many of us.

I’ve heard many of our Abundant Mama students say during class discussions that by a certain point in their night — 8 p.m. — they are just done. They can’t deal. They start to lose it.

But what if there’s another way?

What if looking at that time as the end, you start looking at that time as the beginning of a nourishing time for yourself?

When I I first shared the 12 Habits of Savoring Slow in my book “Savoring Slow,” three years ago, I was actually living slow after years of living in the fast lane.

But now, as my girls enter middle school and have numerous interests and activities, my schedule isn’t as slow. And while bedtime is MUCH easier, we still have our moments when one tween or the other won’t do what they need to do.

Right now I have to SAVOR each moment that I get with my girls and that I get to myself in the throes of summer busyness and joys. We are running here and there and doing this and that.


In order to sink into the desire of wanting to savor this time I have with my girls … such as when they are laying on my bed rather than their own … I’ve developed a ritual I look forward to while I wait for them to settle.

While my girls get ready for bed themselves, I apply oils, lotions, my new favorite lip gloss and other products with beautiful smells onto my body and sprays onto my bed, to remind me to slow down, to savor this transition into rest and nourishing myself.

This mere act of nourishing myself — before I even GO to bed and do MY Abundant Mama tools and gratitude rituals — is how I have learned to savor each moment and see it as something blissful, rather than dreadful.

How can you apply this in your home?

  • ​Create a basket of oils and lotions to use during bath time.
  • Put your favorite lotion on the bookshelf with your child’s favorites and just before reading apply it and smell it for a few good deep breaths.
  • Put the oil on the back of your neck mid tantrum or mid-millionth request as a reminder to slow down and say this too shall pass.
  • Give yourself a mini hand massage with the lotion or oils while sitting with your child.
  • Invite your child to have a mini spa session with you.

The best way to create a more peaceful bedtime is to trust and know that peace first begins with you. If you are stressed and filled with dread, it only prolongs your own suffering.

Rituals remind us to slow down and savor this life, savor this gift of motherhood we’ve been given.

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