Rise and Shine, Mama! Challenge 

Do you long for some quiet time for yourself?

As a highly sensitive mother and busy woman, you need intentional time to clear your mind and recharge.

It’s essential.

Yes, you’re tired. Yes, you have too much to do. But is staying up late and numbing out on social media or television the answer? No. That might be for some people but not for highly sensitive moms like you who needs time to herself in order to feel more nourished and supported.

I can pretty much attribute my general happiness and ability to remain calm in most challenging situations to choosing to get up early in the morning — long before the rest of my household, long before the world wakes, and long before most people in my neighborhood even turn on their lights.

Why?I needed to write my personal rules for a happy life while I'm seeing it so clearly.

Because that is my time to get myself together.

To prepare. To center. To replenish. To nourish. To think. To dream. To create. To sit in silence.

And I do so without sacrificing time with my children or partner or missing out on any other quality family time.

Last year, I created the Rise and Shine Challenge to share my life-changing move with other busy mothers and now more than 10,000 mothers have started their own Rise and Shine rituals — and have taken back their mornings as well.

Now you can get more time in your day, too.

Mornings are perfect because we’re refreshed from a good night’s sleep and we’re focused and ready for a great day ahead.

Introducing Rise & Shine, a 7-day challenge to help you sleep more, rise early and take care of yourself before YOUR world wakes.

The Rise and Shine, Mama Story …

Shawn Fink is the founder of popular 3-Week Abundant Mama Program: A Joy Practice for Moms and the author of the book “The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow.” She is the mother of twin girls who are 12 years old and just started middle school. She is a motherhood and family wellness coach for women around the world and teaches women joyful soulcare practices to use to slow down, calm down and step into their power. She can often be found drinking coffee, reading poetry, snuggling with her girls or husband — or deep breathing in the woods while hiking.
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