Married Life Should  Be Fun

But how do we make time for it between life and having kids?

Motherhood is difficult …

But being married — with kids? The struggle is real.  Maintaining an intimate, passionate and fun relationship while also raising children is a real challenge. Perhaps you have experienced some of this:

>> You don’t have enough time for yourself, let alone your partner.

>> You are exhausted and tired of being tired.

>> You have nothing left to give to anyone by the end of the day.

> > Life’s mundane but crucial tasks like temper tantrums, clogged drains and long hours have zapped all the fun out of your relationship.

What if We Could THRIVE in Marriage …

rather than just Survive

Marriage isn’t just some boring contract we have to uphold.

It can be a fun and joyful experience — even when the rest of our lives are crazy and chaotic — if we put the right kind of energy into the relationship.

With simple shifts in ourselves — and in our relationship — we can move from surviving in our marriage to THRIVING.

It all begins with how WE show up, how much energy WE bring to our life and what WE are willing to do to make things better.

Introducing ReKindle, a 6-week Playbook that offers TLC for your marriage to help YOU get unstuck and revive the feelings you once had in your marriage. 

We cannot change our partners. But we can do intimate, inner healing on ourselves to help us feel joyful, energized and passionate, again. We can wake up and be present for each moment together.

Addy’s Marriage Story


“The Abundant Mama way has improved my marriage by showing me that we are all in charge of our own happiness, that this is not something that is someone else’s responsibility. My job is to care for myself first and when I am taken care, I have a full well from which to give to my spouse. It’s up to me to work on my own stuff and to not criticize or judge him about his but to offer encouragement and love. We are both on separate paths individually and on the same path that we have chosen to travel together. Those, while they intersect quite a bit, are mutually exclusive entities.” — Adrienne N. of New York

A Thriving Marriage Begins with You.


Our whole family suffers when our relationships aren’t in alignment and feeling good.

We’re snippy with our children. Impatient. Even angry.

I created the ReKindle Program after working with dozens of busy moms around the world who were desperate to transform their marriages after years of focusing on raising children.

They wanted to finally start modeling the kind of marriage they want their children to witness each day.

ReKindle offers refreshing “self-care for your marriage”  that busy, intentional mothers like myself need to be able to put that same focus and effort into our marriages that we have been placing on our work, homes and children.

The mission for ReKindle? To help busy mothers shift out of a state of bitter and sour in their marriage and into a place of gratitude, abundance and YES in their marriage.

When I started making these powerful but subtle changes, I saw my marriage improve. When I started making more concrete shifts in how I was showing up in my relationship, I saw giant leaps in my marriage.

In other words, I paved the way. My partner had to do his part, but I was leading the marriage revolution. And this is how the Abundant Mama Way works to transform families.

About Your ReKindle Guide … Shawn Fink

As a family wellness coach that specializes in the highly sensitive mom, I am passionate about empowering women and helping YOU find your voice. I’m passionate about showing YOU how to speak up for yourself and do what feels good in life, motherhood — and marriage.

I’m the Founder of The Abundant Mama Project, an online community and program for women around the world who want to live with more intention, and author of Savoring Slow.

I’m also a busy working mother of twin girls. And a wife trying to do her best each and every day.

Agnes’ Marriage Story

The Abundant Mama Way has helped me out of a life of striving for perfection and into this wonderful state of gratitude for the life I have. For my marriage this means I notice the wonderful person I get to share my life with. I notice how lucky I am instead of wishing I was/had/did just a little bit more.

— Agnes N.

ReKindle Your Marriage

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