The longer I blog and teach e-courses, the more I hear myself saying the same things over and over.

Like a broken record.

But one of the good broken records, right? 🙂

And so today I want to start off by saying something I wrote or said very recently, in fact … what I believe to be the secret to raising happy children.

“There are many, many ways to raise a happy, thriving child but they all begin with a happy mom (and a happy dad).”

That’s right. The very foundation to raising happy children is really about how we model our own reactions to the big problems in life — and that includes the challenges of raising children.

And by happiness I do not mean only happy when times are great. I mean generally being a person who bounces back after having bad days and bad luck and tough times.

I mean handling problems and learning moments with ease and love.

Think about it. You may not have a bit of money but if your outlook on life is great, you’re going to be happy. And that love of life is translated to your children in big, abundant ways.

I’ve witnessed women around the world in the most heart-breaking situations who have managed to find amazing, joyful moments every single day. And if they can do it, you can do it.

But there are always going to be challenging times.

If you’re not happy with yourself. Or your not happy with the job you are doing as a mother. Or you are not happy with your family life. Or what if you hate your job and you bring that baggage home with you. Or you hate your marriage.

Then I’d like to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you. And chat. And get real.

Very real.



Because this is your moment to shine, Mama.

And while it may not be perfect it’s still your life and your chance at being happy.

And your child’s chance, too.

Those little tiny shifts you feel happening inside — the ones with the tugs and pulls to being more like that other mom — are whispers from your own soul to be more connected to your child rather than being focused on all those external dreams and goals.

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